The International: Day 1 Standings

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 27 August 2012 08:00

There we have it, the preliminaries for the biggest event of the year has just finished it's first day. A total of 48 games were played.

All the teams play the other 7 teams of the group twice and they play both the games right after one another.

As mentioned in this article, CLG and LGD are both topping Group A after some impressive games by them. These two teams won't be playing each other until Tuesday, but they'll go up against three other teams tomorrow. One of the favourites coming into this tournament is Zenith and their first day of play haven't been that convincing. They managed to win a game over DK but have otherwise been losing by pretty far. They have however, gone up against other high ranked teams such as LGD and EG. We'll see tomorrow if they'll manage to regain some wins vs CLG, M5 and mouz.

Another favourite, perhaps the favourite with a big F, being the winner of last International and going by no other name than Na`Vi, was also off to a disappointing start. They started off versus the chinese elite of iG and got destroyed. Twice. They shaped up abit afterwards and managed to win one game each in the matches versus compLexity and EHOME. The group leaders, iG, have been showing an astonishing shape, only losing one game to EHOME and their Tiny + Wisp combo.

To summarize Day 1
The Chinese teams have definitely picked up the momentum in Dota 2 now, showing the world that they're as dangerous as ever before.
The go-to heroes are Morphling, Lone Druid and Rubick. The picks aren't showing that much variation and Morphling especially have proven to be hard to deal with. Bounty Hunter have seen a decent amount of play, as compared to before the event.
Some tight games were M5 vs CLG - game 2, LGD vs DK - game 1 and Tongfu vs Orange - game 1. Be sure to check out the VODs to those games.

Next batch of matches kick off at 18.00 CEST today. Find all the information at GosuGamers The International Coverage.