• Name Linus Staaf
  • Location Sweden
  • Date of birth 3 Aug 1986
<p>Linus Staaf - former operations manager at GosuGamers.&nbsp;Started following eSports in 2009, responsible for the GGnet database 2009-2015. Film and music enthusiast and a firm believer that longer songs are better. Always finish&nbsp;what I sta - follow @Tjernobylbarnet</p>

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Exciting news! Looks excellent. :)

Article 01/09/2016, 10:15

This is most unfortunate news. :(

Article 12/07/2016, 08:20

The last game was one of the best I've seen, but overall there were a lot of close games and series in the tournament.

Article 21/02/2016, 00:01

Well, can't say I'm surprised. Even though their excuses are a bit more fleshed this time.

Article 27/11/2015, 11:33

I don't want to sound harsh but we all kind of predicted that Summer's Rift by no means would be able to exist long enough to claim that WCA spot. Doesn't make much sense to host qualifiers half a year before the actual tournament.

Article 26/10/2015, 13:05

For people who want to apply, this is a great opportunity to get into esports, gather experience and establish yourself. Sure, you will be a volunteer (most likely won't get paid) but no site will hire people for writing news or managing database unless they have a reliable reputation or experience within it. Hence, you need to start somewhere and this is a great way of doing it, you get to chat and hang out with other Dota enthusiasts online and not that much of your time is required. And it looks good on the resume. If it's something you think you'd be into, definitely go for it. Plus after a while you might get into a position where you receive a salary for your services, either at GosuGamers or somewhere else.

Article 12/10/2015, 22:15

I guess the "paradise" part was supposed to be ironic all along, hard to pick up on that in writing.

Article 10/09/2015, 13:10

Definitely the best Dota team right, and they've been up there ever since their formation early last year.

Article 09/08/2015, 05:42

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