EHOME Dota 2 profile


EHOME China 42
  • GG elo rating 1,092
  • World rank 21
  • Total earnings $3,665,466
  • Winrate 52%
EHOME was one of the pillars of Chinese DotA, and one of the oldest teams in the scene. However they did not get the same support from their country as the other teams got and were even seen as a foreign team on the Chinese scene, because EHOME was, unlike the other Chinese teams, not part of D.ACE (Association of China E-Sports). ACE was therefore limiting their training partners along with other things.


7 10 1
7 wins 10 losses
39% Win rate


1 1 0
1 win 1 loss
50% Win rate

All time

335 242 64
335 wins 242 losses
52% Win rate

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Top achievements

Offline tournaments
$1,197,925 5th - 6th place
$934,671 5th - 6th place
Online tournaments
$45,863 9th - 12th place


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