Group A Day 1: CLG and LGD lead the scoreboard

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 27 August 2012 06:40

First day of The International preliminaries is finished for Group A. CLG and LGD without a loss until now, Zenith in last position.

Warmup time is over, now it counts. The first six rounds in The International preliminaries have been played. Group A is finished for the first day after 6 of 14 rounds.

The preliminaries of The International are important for two reasons: Getting into tournament mode for all teams and for the seeding of the playoffs, starting Friday.

CLG and LGD undefeated

Both CLG and LGD have done a great job on the first day. They lead the table together with a clear 6-0 score. The head-to-head confrontation of the two teams will happen as the first match on Tuesday.

All other teams in their group A have been struggling this Sunday. Worst start had team Zenith, with a 1-5 opening. Last-minute-team mousesports, replacement for MUFC, at least gained two wins and is now at a 2-4 score, showing their nomination as one of the replacement teams was not for nothing.

The International Group A 6/14
Sweden CLG60
China LGD60
China DK33
Australia absolute Legends24
United States Team EG24
Russia Moscow 524
Germany mousesports24
Singapore Zenith15

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