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Invictus Gaming China 0
  • GG elo rating 1,205
  • World rank 14
  • Total earnings US$8,240,484
  • Win rate 57%
Invictus Gaming was created in August of 2011 with the purchase of Catastrophic Cruel Memory, the strongest team in the scene at the time. The newly re-branded iG was seen as the new flagship of Chinese DotA. The creation of iG.Y after poaching 4 of the members of LGD, historically one of the strongest teams in China, came as a shock just days after the purchase of CCM, now dubbed iG.Z. Having moved into the DotA scene with what seemed to be overwhelming force, the two iG teams represented what appeared to be the two strongest teams in the scene.


3 2 0
3 wins 2 losses
60% Win rate


0 0 0
0 wins 0 losses
0% Win rate

All time

719 453 91
719 wins 453 losses
57% Win rate

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Top achievements

Offline tournaments
US$2,401,100 4th place
US$1,110,956 5th - 6th place
Online tournaments
US$122,301 7th - 8th place


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