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The shuffle has begun and sometimes, it can hard to keep track of all the rumours and stuff happening in the Dota 2 scene. We took the liberty to compile this list of confirmed changes and unconfirmed rumours we heard about roster changes. This article will be updated as soon as we hear something new.

Last update: 15/09/2013 18:49 - Uebelst Gaming disbands


Confirmed changes

Russia iCCup

There is no information as to why ICCup released their team. Resolut1on left the team to join Remaining memberse of the former iCCup team is now without a sponsor and according to wejustzik, the members may possibly look to continue playing together or go their own way. Resolut1on left for and MAg left to join Team Empire. 

>> iCCup disbands
>> confirms full roster
>> Mag joins the Empire

Belarus Maksim 'Jackal' Doroshenok
Belarus Oleg 'wejustzik' Zinovenko
Ukraine Andrey 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Bondarenko


Europe Kaipi

Arteezy has left Kaipi due to school commitments. Kaipi is currently a 4-man roster with SingSing just recently announced to be an official member of the team.

>> Arteezy leaving Kaipi
>> Kaipi officially adds SingSing

Canada Jacky 'EternalEnvy' Mao
Romania Pittner 'bone7' Armand
Sweden Johan 'pieliedie' Åström
Netherlands Weh Sing 'SingSing' Yuen


United States Team Dignitas

Dignitas released Sneyking from their roster. The organization stated that Sneyking is too rash and inconsistent in his plays.

>> Dignitas removes Sneyking

Canada Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling
United States Saahil 'Universe' Arora
United States Ioannis 'Fogged' Loucas
Canada Peter 'Waytosexy' Nguyen


Russia Virtus.Pro

Virtus.Pro removed all but NS from their roster. LightofHeaven leaves Team Empire to join Virtus.Pro. Goblak, God and Resolut1on completes the roster.

>> confirms full roster
>> LightofHeaven joins
>> Virtus.Pro removes Crazy, IllidanSTR, kSi

Russia Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetcov​
Russia Dmitry 'LighTtofHeaveN' Kupriyanov
Russia Sergey 'God' Bragin
Ukraine Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko
Ukraine Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok


Russia Team Empire

Team Empire releases Light but regains their Silent who was part of the team prior to April. Vanskor joins the team, giving them a solid support player. Just two short days after the signing of both players, Blowyourbrain has abruptly left the team. ALWAYSWANNAFLY and Mag join Team Empire.

>> Team Empire signs Vanskor
>> Silent returns to Team Empire
>> BlowYourBrain departs from Empire
>> Mag joins the Empire
>> ALWAYSWANNAFLY completes Empire


Russia Roman'Scandal' Sadotenkov​
Russia Airat 'Silent' Gaziev
Russia Ivan 'VANSKOR' Skorokhod

Ukraine Andrey 'Mag' Chipenko
UkraineAndrey 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Bondarenko


Denmark Team Life

Team Life's newest addition Mini wished his teammates the best of luck on Twitter because he wants to take a break from the competitive scene. Cr1t confirmed Mini is now out of the team and Link's brother Ace will be replacing him.

>> Mini leaves Team Life
>> Ace joins Team Life

Denmark Sylvester 'Link' Christensen
Denmark Mikki Mørch 'HesteJoe-Rotten' Junget
Denmark Danny Mørch 'NoiA' Junget
Denmark Andreas 'Cr1t' Franck Nielsen

DenmarkMarcus 'Ace' Hoelgaard


Singapore Zenith

With the departure of Iceiceice to DK, Zenith will now have no official members until another bunch of Singaporean players move the scene again.

>> Four members leave Zenith.
>> Iceiceice leaves Zenith for DK.


China RisingStars

Air and Xiaotuji has left RisingStars. Sylar will join instead. KingJ was traded to RisingStars for XTT.

>> Rstars loses Air
>> xiaotuji to
>> KingJ traded for XTT

China Yang 'KingJ' Zhou
China Tian Yu 'Cty' Chen
China Si Long 'XDD' Liu
China Jia Jun 'Sylar' Liu

China Yi 'QQQ' Yao


China RattleSnake

Kabu and Lanm left Rattlesnake. Lanm joined DK. On the 11th of September, Rattlesnake completed their roster with Johnny from Malaysia and new player AllBeautyMustDie.

>> Kabu leaves RattleSnake
>> Lanm and Mushi to DK. Dai staying as well
>> Rattlesnake announced new players

China Yinqi 'Luo' Luo
China Peng 'Icy' Wang
China Li 'Sag' Guo
China Zi Yang 'AllBeautyMustDie' Xu
Malaysia Johnny 'Johnny' Lee


Malaysia Neolution.Orange

In the Meet the Media session in Orange's headquarters, Mushi announced his departure from Orange because he wants to play in China.

>> MuShi leaves Orange

Malaysia Joel Zhan Leong 'Xtinct' Chan
Malaysia Wai Pern 'Net' Lim
Malaysia Kang Yang 'kyxy' Lee
Malaysia Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo


China Vici Gaming

Cty left Vici Gaming due to personal reasons and ZSMJ retired. RoTK and Super added to complete their line-up.

>> Vici Gaming in turmoil as Cty leaves VG
>> RoTK and Super to Vici Gaming

China Chao 'Fenrir' Lu
China Fan 'TuTu' Bai
China Fan 'RoTK' Bai
China Lin Sen 'fy' Xu
China Jun Hao 'Super' Xie



United States Evil Geniuses

According to Bamboe's tweet, he is now officially a free agent. F D J U M as hint for EG's upcoming roster.

>> Bamboe officially free agent. "F D J U M" as hint for new EG team

United States Clinton 'Fear' Loomis
United States Jimmy 'Demon' Ho
United States Robert 'Bdiz' Tinnes (?)
Canada Jio 'Jeyo' Madayag


China Invictus Gaming

Zhou received the boot for underperforming in the past few months. Hao from TongFu was traded to iG for Zhou. Banana also joined iG.

>> Zhou removed from iG
>> TongFu swaps Hao for Zhou
>> Banana joins iG

China Fei Chi 'Ferrari_430' Luo
China Jiang 'YYF' Cen
China Hong Da 'Faith' Zeng
China Zhi Hao 'Hao' Chen
China Jiao 'banana' Wang
Malaysia Hock Chuan 'ChuaN' Wong (?)


Ukraine Natus Vincere

Despite many speculations stating Na`Vi will have a roster change, they have decided to stay united and not join the shuffle.

>> Na`Vi with no roster change

Estonia Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov (c) 
Ukraine Daniil 'Dendi' Ishutin 
Ukraine Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkievich 
Ukraine Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov 
Germany Kuro Salehi 'KuroKy' Tahasomi


China TongFu

Hao was traded to iG for Zhou. KingJ and Banana also departed from the team and TongFu will welcome ZSMJ and XTT.

>> Hao to iG. Zhou to Tongfu
>> KingJ traded for XTT, ZSMJ joins TongFu

China Pan 'Mu' Zhang
ChinaZhao Hui 'Sansheng' Wang
ChinaJian 'ZSMJ' Gong
ChinaXun Tao 'XTT' Xu
China Yao 'Zhou' Chen


China DK

Farseer, DK manager, confirmed Lanm, Mushi, and Dai are joining BurNIng in the making of the dream team.

>> Lanm and Mushi to DK. Dai staying as well.
>> DK completes roster with iceiceice.

China Zhi Lei 'BurNIng' Xu
Malaysia Yee Fung 'Mushi' Chai
China Zhi Cheng 'Lanm' Zhang
China Zeng Rong 'Dai' Lei
Singapore Daryl Pei Xiang 'iceiceice' Koh



Russia RoX.KIS

TpoH out of RoX.KIS. Sedoy and Nexus joined.

>> Sedoy and Nexus joins RoX.KIS

Russia Stanislav 'Bzzisperfect' Glushan
Russia Vladimir 'yol' Basov
Russia Vadim 'Sedoy' Musorin
Russia Igor 'Nexus' Lisakovskiy



Xiaotuji will be replacing Sylar in

>> Xiaotuji replaces Sylar in

China Zhang 'xiaotuji' Wang
China Ning 'xiao8' Zhang
China Zheng Zheng 'Yao' Yao
China Bin 'dd' Xie
China Fat Meng 'ddc' Leong


Europe LGD.Int

In a surprising turn of event, LGD.Int is alive and will be adding Black^ and xFreedom to their line-up.

>> LGD.Int reforms, adds Black and xFreedom

Germany Dominik 'Black' Reitmeier
Sweden Per Anders 'Pajkatt' Olsson
Denmark Rasmus 'Misery' Fillipsen
United States Braxton 'Brax' Pauslon
Singapore Nicholas 'xFreedom' Lim


Germany Uebelst Gaming

According to Alex's tweet, Uebelst Gaming has disbanded but they will continue playing Starladder till the end of the season.

>> Uebelst disbands




Unconfirmed rumours

China Invictus Gaming

It is possible that ChuaN is leaving iG for banana. It is unknown where Chuan will be heading to but it is highly possible that he will be going to Orange.

>> GoDz dropping hints at iG's new line-up


Malaysia Invasion-MUFC

Invasion-MUFC's performance at the tournament was overwhelmingly disappointing and it is no surprise WinteR stated that he will take a long break to think about what he wants to do in the future. MUFC's management has stated that the team will undergo some heavy roster changes after the players sort out the details. We are expecting Invasion-MUFC to only retain 1-2 players from their current squad, most possibly WinteR (assuming he continues) and TFG.

>> MUFC will undergo huge roster changes


Germany Mousesports

Black has departed to China to play for LGD.Int while FATA- is likely to join the new Flipside.Quantic team. The rest of thee squad is in limbo as to continue staying in Mousesports. Uebelst Gaming also disbanded and that may mean something for the German squad.

>> Uebelst disbands


United States Evil Geniuses

"F D J U M" is the hint Fear gave of his new team before he deleted the tweet. Bdiz is most possibly leaving the team and he will be replaced by Universe and MSS.

>> DotaLeaks claiming Brax and MSS to EG
>> Bamboe and Demon not in EG Dota 2 team profile
>> Bamboe now an unofficial free agent.


France Quantic Gaming ( / mouz / Flip.sid3 )

As mentioned above, both Goblak and Silent are out of the team, joining as well as Team Empire. Currently there is a confusing mix of Quantic, mousesports and Flip.Sid3 trying together in whichever tournament one of the three teams is playing in; 7ckngMad, Sockshka, miGGel, MaNia and FATA-.

>> V1lat tweeting Goblak and silent possibly heading to VP
>> Team 2016 team profile. Ryze, unicornxoxo, Sockshka, 7ckingmad
>> mouz playing with Mad, Sockshka, miGGel, MaNia and FATA- in WePlay


United States Team Liquid

ixmike88 mentioned on stream that Korok is now out of the team. Korok is playing as a stand-in for Team Dignitas

>> Korok not in Team Liquid's Dota 2 profile
>> Korok playing for Dignitas in MLG Fall


United States Team Dignitas

Besides the removal of Sneyking, Universe is speculated to leave Dignitas to form a new team with Fear. If true, this new team would most probably be under EG's sponsorship. AUI_2000 seems to be playing for Kaipi. Dignitas have a new roster in MLG Fall

>>  EternalEnvy tweet about AUI_2000
>> Dignitas new roster in MLG Fall


Malaysia Neolution.Orange

Chuan may be joining Orange because there were rumours stating Chuan has left iG. ChuaN was also playing for Orange in RGN League.

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