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RaTtLeSnAkE was recently wounded by the sudden departure of LaNm and Kabu, two core members of their line-up. Today, the team announces the new line-up including "All beauty must die" and Johnny of Chains Stack.

More changes arrive everyday in the Asian DotA2 scene, and it is RaTtLeSnAkE's turn to announce their new and renovated roster. The winner of the TI3 WildCard match recently lost Kai "Kabu" Zhao and Zhicheng "LaNm" Zhang, two key members of their line-up. However, the Chinese squad did not surrender their guns, and today they introduce the two players who will fill the gaps in their roster.

The first addition is JoHnNy, the Malaysian ex-Chains Stack sensation that surprised us during the first half of 2013, helping Chains Stack reach Stage III of G-1 League and the grand final of GEST March. The second member to be introduced is Xu 'All Beauty Must Die' Ziyang, a new face in the professional scene that attracted the team's attention after his performance in high-level Chinese public games.

RaTtLeSnAkE current roster:

China Yinqi 'Luo' Luo
China Peng 'Icy' Wang
China Li 'Sag' Guo
China Xu 'All Beauty Must Die' Ziyang
Malaysia JoHnNy


Source : RaTtLeSnAkE weibo

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