Sedoy and Nexus into RoX.KIS, TpoH out.

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Sedoy and Nexus will be joining RoX.KIS while TpoH was removed from the team. As a result, CDCD, Nexus and Sedoy's former team, lost their spot in Star Series VII.

Yesterday, Vadim 'Sedoy' Musorin and Igor 'Nexus' Lisakovskiy, former CDCD players, abruptly departed from the team minutes before their Starladder game against Team Menace and stated that they will be joining RoX.KIS.

Hours after the incident, RoX.KIS confirmed the addition of the two players and announced the removal of their newest addition Maxim 'TpoH' Vernikov. No particular reasons were stated for the removal but the general public seems to believe that he got kicked out of the team..

Statement by PodoX, manager of RoX.KIS:

Hello everybody! Can't say I'm happy to that Maxim 'TpoH' Vernikov is leaving, but the situation has developed this way. Max proved to himself and showed us his good side while playing with us. I hope everything goes smoothly for him in the future. Nexus and Sedoy will be filling the empty slots in our team. I can say that these guys are playing at a very high level and they are well motivated. It's most important to us. We will do our best. Thanks everyone for rooting for us.

As a result of this roster change, CDCD could not muster five guys to continue playing in Starladder Star Series VII. Starladder announced yesterday that Uebelest Gaming will inherit CDCD's 1-3 record in the standings and play the tournament in their stead.

RoX.KIS is currently down to four players and will most likely be playing with a stand-in in their Star Series game tonight.

RoX.KIS' team roster:

Russia Stanislav 'Bzzisperfect' Glushan
Russia Vladimir 'yol' Basov
Russia Vadim 'Sedoy' Musorin
Russia Igor 'Nexus' Lisakovskiy


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