VPGame announced with USD 24,500 prize pool

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Taking place between this week and next week, this tournament will feature a lan final in Hangzhou and a double elimination bracket in which twelve top Chinese teams will battle it out.

The tournament will be taking place 6th of April to the 19h of April and is split into a qualifier, double elimination bracket and lan final. The different phases will take place on the 6th to 12th, 12th to 17th and 19th respectively. The lan final will feature a best of five held in Hangzhou, China at the Tahara Cineplex and the winner will receive the grand prize of 80 000RMB (~USD 13 000).

Eight of the twelve teams to take part in the double elimination bracket have been invited, the other four will have to play their way through the qualifiers to proceed to the double elimination bracket's loser bracket, the qualifer is in a two group format where the top two of the groups will proceed. Any draws in the group will be resolved by best of one tie breakers.

This tournament being a Chinese only and including teams of all caliber will be good for the teams as it serves as a proving ground for them to show that they are the best in the scene, deserving of a TI5 invite. Teams like IG and DK will be looking to improve their past track record against teams who have beaten them recently like VG (0-3) for IG and Energy Pacemaker (2-1) for DK.

Prize distrubution:
1st - RMB 80 000 (~USD 13 000)
2nd - RMB 40 000 (~USD 6500)
3rd - RMB 30 000 (~USD 4900)

Invited teams:
China Vici Gaming
China Invictus Gaming
China LGD
China Newbee
China CDEC
China Tongfu
China HGT


Image of Hangzhou from Aiutrip.com

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