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Daniel Lee is a known name in the Starcraft community as the face of SCforall.com. He was recently interviewed on his former website where he reveals his resignation.

daniellee_estro.jpgBut his future seems to be in the eSports world. "Thieves only know of thievery. So take a wild guess. When I am at liberty to speak of my future plans, you will be the first to know," said Daniel Lee.

Daniel Lee began his career as a pioneer in Korean eSport. He was the coach of Guillaume "Grrr...." Patry. In his own words "Aside for Draco, Pj, and Lx, every foreigner pro gamer ever in Korea was under my wing at one time or another." His team had 5 of the best players at the time attracting sponsors like AMD. That team started out as the "AMD Dream Team" which eventually evolved into the modern day eSTRO.

Since he stepped down from the head coach spot he has worked with SCforall.com. "My responsibility has been to begin bridging the Korean and non-Korean Starcraft communities through my work at SCForAll.com." Because of his hard work, many things have been accomplished. Four foreigners has been brought to Korea to take part in the e-sport scene, matches between Korean progamers and foreign top players has been set up and he has given lot's of unknown info about the Korean e-sport scene.

SCForAll: Now that you’ve left managing, coaching, and website running, will you remain in eSports, or is there some other occupation which you’re going into?

Daniel Lee: There’s a saying, "Thieves only know of thievery." So take a wild guess. When I am at liberty to speak of my future plans, you will be the first to know.

Daniel Lee was recently seen shoutcasting together with Nick "Tasteless" Plott in GomTV, subbing as co-host while Susan "lilsusie" Kim was away.

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