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Posted by Bill "zimba" Seibert at 25 May 2011 00:44
Guillaume 'Grrrrr' Patry is a lengendary French-Canadian retired professional StarCraft player who played poker for a while after his retirement. He was the StarCraft World Cybergames champion in 1999. He dominated the scene as a random player before he arrived in Korea where he focused on the Protoss race, innovating many of the then standard build orders. He won the 2000 Hanaro OSL, the 2001 OGN King of King's tournament, and placed high in a variety of others in a long career.

Eventually his passion and drive in Starcraft declined and his performance with it, resulting in his retirement in early 2004. He played Warcraft3 - DOTA for a while and then he transitioned to poker due to the suggestion and success of his friend Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier. He became a PokerStars sponsored player for a couple years from his base in Korea. although his online results are hard to access, he has $134,102 in live tournament earnings with his largest score being a fourth place in 2007 APPT Macau main event for $56,672 with ElkY finishing in fifth right behind him. He finished 16th in a $10k PLO championship WSOP event in 2008 for $35k. Patry's most recent live cash was in a NLHE event at the 2009 WSOP where he finished 31st for $14,032. Patry was born June 19, 1982 and resides in Quebec City, Canada.

Things you might not know:
  • Patry was a competitive alpine skiier who quit when StarCraft first came out.
  • Patry attended the University de Sherbrooke, completing training in 2000.
  • Costello played in the occasional college poker game with his buddies.
  • Patry's Grrrr username was meant to be like the sound an intimidating tiger would make going after his prey.
  • Patry also went by the name GiYom.
  • Patry was the only foreigner in Korea at the time, basically rolling through every obstacle.
  • Patry never practiced hard as a player, relying instead on clever tactics, strategic insight and deep understanding of the game to win.
  • Patry's trademark strategies were his Reaver drops as well as his tendency to perform the "Gas Rush."
  • Patry's dominance came before the time of flawless game mechanics, and he had difficulty adjusting to players who trained more than him, utilizing the new Replay-feature, that came out with the 1.08a patch. One player in particular gave him difficulty, SlayerS `BoxeR`. Patry also suffered from under-utilization of hotkeys.
  • Patry's last significant placing was a third place in the World Cybergames in 2003.
  • Patry was roomates with ElkY for over four years.
  • Patry remained in Korea for a while after his official retirement, surviving on signings, some publicity and poker.

Patry has returned to Quebec, Canada and works in the family accounting firm. He now plays poker and StarCraft 2 as hobbies in his spare time. Patry obtained his CGA designation in 2003 becoming a partner and shareholder in the family accounting firm. He manages certification records and personal tax issues as his occupation now.

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