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Posted by Bill "zimba" Seibert at 16 April 2011 01:53
Hevad Khan is a professional poker player who successfully transitioned from playing StarCraft: Brood War. He is best known for making the 2007 World Series of Poker Main event final table, finishing in sixth place for $956,243. Khan won a 2008 Foxwoods Poker Classic NLHE event for $108k. He achieved his biggest live score when he won the $10k 2008 Caesars Palace Classic for $1 million. In 2009, Khan won a PCA NLHE side event for $200k to bring his live tournament winnings to over $2.5 million. He has also had considerable success online winning a 2008 PokerStars Warm-up for $97,856, with over $1.1 million in tournament winnings on PokerStars alone. Khan was born January 25, 1985 in Poughkeepsie, New York and now calls Las Vegas home.

Things you might not know:
  • Khan started playing StarCraft when he was 13.
  • Khan is also well known in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 community.
  • Khan enjoys trading cards, from baseball to MTG.
  • Khan first played poker the day he graduated high school. Then lost $300 in $5-$10 home games before catching on to the five card game.
  • Khan finally found his groove playing online in $16 9 man turbo sit-and-go's.
  • Khan is good friends Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier.
  • Khan struggled with bankroll management in the early years while he developed his mass tabling specialty.
  • Khan's poker nickname "RaiNkhaN" was from the Mortal Kombat character "Rain", who serves as an assassin for Shao Kahn in the series.
  • Khan attended SUNY Albany, but dropped out to focus on playing poker professionally.
  • Khan brought notoriety to himself for massive multi-tabling when years ago he posted a video in which he played 26 sit-and-go's simultaneously to prove it was possible and he wasn't a poker bot.
  • Khan has since played as many as 43 poker games at once on his home computer.
  • Khan was so over the top during his 2007 WSOP Main Event run that the WSOP enacted the "Hevad Khan Rule" which disallowed boisterous celebrations.
  • Khan,while he felt he was authentic, later apologized for his antics (e.g yelling out BULLLLDOZERRRR and jumping around with big oddball dances and warcries regularly) and served as a PokerStars Team pro for a couple years.
  • Khan invested almost half his bankroll to enter the 2007 WSOP Main Event he ended up in 6th in. He had a sick rush of cards his first day to end one of the chip leaders.
Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan continues to find his place in the poker and gaming world. He continues to pursue both of his interests.

Khan videos include an intro, three part interview on poker, gaming and SC2, and some of his 2007 WSOP antics:

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