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Posted by Bill "zimba" Seibert at 03 May 2011 03:25
Eunjong "JJu" Byun is a former professional StarCraft gamer who is now a professional poker player and Friend of Full Tilt. Byun made over $300,000 from 2003-2008 in StarCraft. Since turning to professional poker he has won over $175k in online tournaments with his largest online tournament score being third in the Full Tilt $1K Monday tournament for $57,640 in December 2010 and 5th in the Sunday Brawl for $24,866 in September 2009. Byun has focused on multi-tabling mid-stakes games, having played over 3.5 million hands. He lone live tournament win was a $803 buy-in NLHE Turbo tournament at the 2009 APPT - Cebu Phillipines. In April 2011, he decided to take a shot at playing higher stakes and has surged to a $186,835 profit over 60 sessions playing mostly $50/$100 NLHE. Byun was born February 23, 1983 in Seoul, South Korea where he still resides.

Things you might not know:
  • Byun was recruited by STX Soul Team to play StarCraft in 2003.
  • Byun moved to Samsung Khan E-sports Team in 2005, where he acted as team leader.
  • Byun helped bring the 2007 StarCraft Pro League Season Championship.
  • Byun won three major StarCraft tournaments before retiring from pro gaming in 2008.
  • 2003 MBC TeamLeague Rookie Award
  • 2004 Hangame Ongamenet Starleague 4th place
  • 2004 Proleague 2nd Place
  • 2005 Proleague 2nd Place
  • 2005 Korea E-Sports Association League 1st Place (MVP)
  • 2006 Proleague 1st Place
  • 2006 Ongamenet StarLeague 4th Place
  • 2006 MBC Starleague 3rd Place
  • 2006 Ranked 3rd Place for All-time Progamer Ranking
  • Byun was introduced to poker in 2006, starting to play in local poker rooms.
  • Byun then switched to online poker working his way up from the lowest stakes.
  • Byun is an avid boxer, practicing as much as four times a week.
  • Byun credits poker training sites and practice with friends for accelerating his growth as a player for when he turned to being a professional poker player in 2008.
  • One of Byun's favorite players is Phil Ivey who he admires for “his aggressive style is something that I always wanted to resemble. I often observe his high stakes games.”
  • Byun will play tournaments from as little as $20 to $1k buy-ins.

Eunjong "JJu" Byun is one of the most infamous Zergs ever. He is known for his famous saying "There's nothing but a straight (punch) for a man."

Byun doesn't have any poker videos, so I'm sharing his StarCraft Korea2005 final match and a 4 pool rush from JJu:

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