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Posted by Bill "zimba" Seibert at 21 April 2011 01:39
John Phan is a successful tournament poker professional. After some close calls in previous years, Phan broke through and won two World Series of Poker bracelets in 2008 for nearly $600k. He has 16 in the money WSOP finishes for over $1.3 million. Phan was the Cardplayer Magazine and Bluff Magazine 2008 Player of the year. He won his World Poker Tour title for $1.1 million at the Legends of Poker. Phan has won over $5.4 million in live tournament earnings. Phan was born in October 10, 1974 in Da Nang, Vietnam and now calls Long Beach, California home.

Things you might not know:
  • Phan's family left Vietnam in 1982 due to political unrest that followed the Vietnam War when he was seven.
  • Phan started playing cards when he was 16, first playing low limit for fun.
  • Phan family didn't approve of at first, but after seeing his success and that it was a game of mind, they supported him.
  • Phan enrolled at San Joaquin Delta College, but didn't attend due to his success in poker.
  • By the age of 21, Phan was making a living from poker.
  • Phan's first tournament win was in 1998 when he won a $200 Seven-Card Stud tournament during the Big Poker October in Los Angeles.
  • Phan's first two big tournament scores were at the 2004 Jack Binion World Poker Open profiting nearly $250k.
  • Phan ran hot in 2004 and 2005 winning or finishing strong in numerous tournaments.
  • Phan made back to back WPT final tables in 2008.
  • Phan still revisits Vietnam donating money and helping relatives, actually adopting one child when the parents.
John "The Razor" Phan is an unpredictable and aggressive player.
"Basically, I developed my own game and my own style. When I play in tournaments or a game, I want players to guess what I have. Sometimes even I don't know how I'm going to play a hand. My style deals with each hand individually. I'll play any two cards.”

Phan exit interview after his second WSOP win and a two part interview:

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