Thunderbirds and Evil Geniuses to clash in the Kiev Major first round of the main event bracket

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The Kiev Major group stage has come to an end, round four of the Swiss format being played close to midnight. At the end of what can be described as an amazing Dota 2 marathon, the main event seeding is done.

The last round of the group stage was a crucial final battle for each and every team fighting for a better overall win-loss record. And all the little mistakes and experiments attempted through the group stage might cost some of the teams more than they would have imagined. After Team Secret and Virtus Pro claimed the top seeds of the bracket early in the morning, iG, TnC, EG, Thunderbirds, OG and DC kicked off the round four action in the top half while Newbee, Team Random, Mouz and Faceless were looking to secure a victory in the lower half.

Despite their already tough position, most of the teams did try some last experiments. In their opening match against Thunderbirds, OG gave another test drive to the Arc Warden and lost yet again. They then reverted back to the strategy built around an Alchemist - Aghanim’s Scepter gifting machine for the next two games to win the series  with a 2-1 overall score. Alchemist hasn’t been played much through the entire group stage, in fact, it was only picked picked four times in total. OG drafted the hero twice today, and every time they paired it with heroes that can change the game with an Aghanim’s in their hand. OG’s 2-1 victory over Thunderbirds placed them on the fifth position in the group, which got them seeded against Team Random (ex-Wings Gaming) in the main event.

For Thunderbirds and Evil Geniuses the last group stage round was a complete disaster. While Thunderbirds lost their series against OG with a Meepo draft in the deciding game three, Evil Geniuses lost the last game versus Invictus Gaming with a mid-lane Tiny and a support Doom. Their results at the end of the day got them seeded against each other in the main event, the EG vs Thunderbirds matchup being scheduled for the 28th of April at 17:00 CEST.

Day one of the main event will commence on the 27th of April at the National Palace of Arts, from Kiev, Ukraine. Four teams will be eliminated at the end of the day, the schedule being as follows:

09:00 CEST: Invictus Gaming vs Mousesports
12:30 CEST: Team Liquid vs Newbee
16:00 CEST: Digital Chaos vs VG J
19:30 CEST: Virtus.Pro vs iG Vitality


Will day one of the Kiev Major main event witness some great upsets?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Zelinsky "BigTailNoDaddy" Koch ,
    You mixed up IG and IG.V
  • Long "kaka1508" Truong ,
    4 Chinese teams in top bracket, 2nd brack: SEA vs SEA, NA vs NA. like it :)
  • Arvell "revyrain" Skynative ,
    I don't like these standard playoff format (sorry for the long post). Not about the single elimination thing, but about the 'value' and the meaning of the 'top seed' and 'bottom seed' out of it. 1. In this situation, what it means to have a 'top seed' when in fact your team is still going from the same way the 'bottom seed' does ? 2. How do you justify (for example) Virtus Pro to have a matchup with IGV from day one ? As we know both teams are (arguably) quite strong and IGV have been performing very well in the recent months too. Just because a few bad games in group stage and IGV placed bottom seed doesn't mean they can't beat down VP in playoff right away. You can't never underestimate the potential of a 9.2k winner of 1v1 Paparazzi. With a correct drafting and good teamplay in one series it's not impossible for IGV to overcome VP. My point is, It is safe to say that any teams fighting 120% all out in group stage to get this so-called 'top seed' does actually gain NOTHING at the end of this kind of format. You may placed better at group but still faces though battle on first playoff. Look Liquid vs Newbee, DC vs VGJ (for other example). This is disaster. In terms of justification and fair seeding. Look how Faceless plays so-so in group stage, and then they got TNC, who (arguably) has been performing quite formidable in group stage, but they almost always lose in many occasion throughout the history against Faceless, even at their 'prime time' around the era of TI6, WESG, and at all the SEA qualifiers in 2017. Still hard for them to face FL. How do you justify this 'easier' path for Faceless (compared to VP and Liquid) ? or compared to Thunderbirds vs EG ? In my opinion Valve has to create some 'real' reward for gaining the 'top seed' from the group stage, whatever the format is, to justify its meaning. For example, you may put the 4 top seed teams to advance directly to Quarter Final, 4 mid-high teams right before QF, and the rest of 8 teams starting from the Round 1. This way I think there will be a real value to fight for at the group stage. Not to say Valve has to 100% follow this, but I believe if they think a little bit for a while they will realize the importance of it and came out with an idea.
    • Tanawat "fides5566" Phadungkiatsakun ,
      IG.V hasn't done well since DAC http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/teams/14013-ig-vitality/matches There are still advantage like they don't have to play against another stronger teams in the first round. Which should be enough. I don't know why people are still complaining about TNC and Faceless like Faceless is still a powerhouse. They're not anymore. They lost to almost everyone even in SEA scene recently. Compare to how they won Liquid with BO1 in DAC, imo this is more fair. I don't think Faceless have an easy route at all. TNC is super strong like now and is now stronger than Liquid and EG(from recent matches result). TB and EG did pretty badly themselves in the group state so it's fair for them to fight each other. Also it's BO3. There shouldn't be an excuse for any team to lose in BO3 against a weaker team. If they're really good, they will win. That's all.
      • Amina "Kaliya" Kaliya ,
        Agree. Me personally like this Swiss format.
        • Arvell "revyrain" Skynative ,
          I don't think you followed my point closely. Sorry if it's a bit complicated. I wasn't pointing to the Swiss Format (group stage), but I point to the outcome (the gain, the reward, the advantage, whatever you called it) on the Standard Playoff Format as the unjustified TRANSLATION of the result from the efforts of the teams from the group stage.
      • Arvell "revyrain" Skynative ,
        I mean.. whatever result your team got at the group stage, you still end up starts the same place as the 'bottom' teams in playoff. There is no gain at all for the better teams at the group stage, or even also the same achieved team. Sorry the so-called 'avoiding to face the stronger team' is just on the paper, not a real advantage IMO. For example if you compare this with double elimination format, you will see much different things (though I'm not favoring double-elim too). There's just no 'real' advantage seen in this playoff format. Look, my point on the Faceless case is just an example. If you still don't get my point, let's try another example. Liquid has fought hard in the group stage, and they got Newbee. While OG is on the same achievement as Liquid (high-mid) in the group table, but they got SG Esport. Then what do Liquid actually gain from their sweat compared to OG ? Nothing. The outcome on the playoff matchup doesn't reward Liquid anything in this case despite their effort. Why is this happening ? because everyone starts at the same point altogether after all. It's not all about who stronger or who weaker, actually. But it's that everyone get the same place at the playoff regardless. And that is unfair, in my opinion. If it is like this, you might as well just remove the group stage completely (because no reward from it after all), and try to randomize the seeding, and be surprised that you actually will still get an almost similar result as the one pictured in this news page.
        • Paul "choypaul" Choy ,
          +100. Agree with this. I still like the winner/loser bracket style of tournaments. In case a "top seed" team loses in the winner bracket, they go down to lower bracket and still have this chance to climb up and make it to the finals. I hate this single eliminations. :( Anything can happen. One good example is TNC vs Faceless. TNC performed way better than FL in the group stage. Now TNC gets to face FL? Shit. If you look historically, FL has been beating TNC. :( So if TNC loses here, they're out. Same as other top seed vs low seed teams. Again, anything can happen and the excitement is gone because of this single elimination shit format. Hahahaha
        • "Booncz" ,
          you can only rank the teams based on the performance in the tournament that's it end of the story... EDIT: You guys just not get the point we have 16 teams here, anybody can beat anybody...no-one can get an easy opponent, so you decide based on actual form, one of the most entertaining and fair ways to do it was swiss groupstage...bo3>bo2/bo1 (win in bo3 actually mean a lot more than bo2/bo1)...and single elim brings much more importance to all matches, when it's double elim, everybody is safe, there's ton of matches, so you are not as hyped as you are for the matches in single elim where everything is on the line right away... Single elim > double elim in terms hype and entertainment, and with good seeding format it's almost as fair as double elim...(plus every teams is here to win, so they don't care about sigle/double elimination because both have the same accuracy of determining the winner) EDIT: In ancient days when there were 4 strong teams nobody could beat doubl lim was better so they had high chances of actually getting top-4 and not facing each other, nowadays when there's 16 teams going for the win...single elim is the way to go)
    • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
      It's not impossible for anyone to beat anyone, but VP is playing much better than IG.V in this tournament, it would be a huge upset if they beat VP, No-one is also 9k mmr, along with ramzes, don't worry too much about their mmrs, VP is drafting strongly atm and IG.V would need a pocket strat to beat them


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