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Team Secret Europe 10
  • GG elo rating 1,162
  • World rank 14
  • Total earnings $11,628,022
  • Win rate 69%
Team Secret is a European professional Dota 2 team. After Natus Vincere and Fnatic both underperformed at The International 2014, two key members of the two organizations, Kuroky and N0tail, respectively, had an idea for a team that was run by the players, not beholden to any esports organization. Kuroky brought on his friend and teammate on Na'Vi, Puppey, while N0tail brought on his friend and teammate, Fly. They rounded out their roster with Alliance midlaner s4, whose team similarly underperformed at TI4. The roster made their public debut in the qualifiers for Star Ladder Star Series Season 10.


0 3 4
0 wins 3 losses
0% Win rate


0 0 0
0 wins 0 losses
0% Win rate

All time

492 162 54
492 wins 162 losses
69% Win rate

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Top achievements

Offline tournaments
$2,059,804 4th place
$1,110,000 1st place
Online tournaments
$275,177 3rd place
$200,000 1st place


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