ESL One Manila: EU and NA qualifier teams, format and dates announced

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ESL have revealed the European and American teams that will be competing in the main qualifier for ESL One Manila. Teams are divided into two tiers, with Tier 2 teams playing in the first round, whilst Tier 1 teams will begin their challenge in the quarter finals. Play will run from the 5th to the 17th of February.

 Teams include Team Spirit, Na’Vi, Vega Squadron, compLexity, Team Archon, Digital Chaos, and many more. Teams have been invited in two tiers. Tier 1 teams will skip the first round of play, whilst Tier 2 teams will have to battle it out with teams from the open qualifier in round one. The first match will be played on February 5th. By the 17th, we will know who will be competing against Team Liquid and EHOME in Manila in April.

In similar fashion to the qualifiers for ESL One Frankfurt 2015, the qualifiers for ESL One Manila will use a tiered system. Teams that received Tier 1 invites will compete in the quarter finals.


Tier 1: Team Spirit, Team Empire, Vega Squadron, Na'Vi
Tier 2: Tornado.RoX, Mamas Boys, London Conspiracy, PowerRangers
Open qualifiers: HWA, STARK, Ad Finem, PRIES


Tier 1: compLexity, Team Archon, Elite Wolves, Digital Chaos
Tier 2: Shazam, Void Boys, Leviathan, InFamous
Open qualifiers: paiN, unknown, Colossus, EnemyGG

Each team will play one match in the first round. The winner of that match will proceed to the quarterfinals of the qualifier, where they will face off against one of the Tier 1 teams of their region.

The quarter finals, semi-finals, and best-of-five Grand Finals will be competed from the 10th to the 17th of February.

The qualifiers for ESL One Manila are almost upon us. With teams split into two tiers, there will be a great deal of action taking place between the 5th and the 17th of February. With the right to compete at ESL One Manila in April, teams from both regions will flex their 6.86 muscles to try to be one of the teams to show that they can perform at the pinnacle of competitive Dota 2. Be sure to not miss a moment.

Source: ESL One website


Which region will be more hotly-contested: EU or NA?

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  • Manolito, Jr. "131R4D45" Nacua ,
    Team Spirit is Tier 1 team????? Really???
    • dion "anaksamping" ruben ,
      for a qualifier team, yes
    • Yamino "White-Blodd" Takara ,
      They qualified for Shanghai and MDL
      • Manolito, Jr. "131R4D45" Nacua ,
        Mineski qualified in major at franfurt.. played in MDL and other international LAN games. But they were never a TIER 1 team. Same with team spirit. They just qualified at major because they won the qualifiers. Competing against weak oponents..
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    American doesn't have a Tier 1 team other than EG -_- rest of them are pretty shitty reason why i am amazed EG can make top 3 in tournies with those scrim partners(altho i think they scrim vs EU teams) :D So obviously EU > NA when it comes to match excitement .
  • tonic "tonicjr" jr ,
    EU and CHINA are always the top regions in dota. NA and SEA can't compete sadly. I am amazed because Korean can't compete even tho they are strong in starcraft and lol. And NA are the same race as EU but they are weaker than EU.
  • Eff "madaraboi" Salido ,
    I wish to see Na'Vi at Manila! So happy that there is a chance that they could go! Go NaVi


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