BroodWar stars gather for the $10,000 Sonic Proleague

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 30 October 2013 11:08

Players like Bisu, Jangbi, Hiya, Shuttle, Great, Mini, Sea and Pusan have formed teams to participate in a Proleague tournament organized by Sonic. If the league truly becomes a reality, it is scheduled to start November 10th.

Organized by Afreeca broadcaster Sonic, the league aims to gather BroodWar legends and Afreeca streamers in one place and recreate the atmosphere of the KeSPA BW Proleagues. The announcement of this particular endeavor of Sonic features 37 players divided into seven teams (an amateur all-star team will be announced later) and featuring some of the biggest names of the BroodWar days.

The list has both players that played StarCraft 2 and retired - such as Bisu, s2, Jangbi and Mini - and names that never made the switch and stayed in BroodWar such as Pusan, HiyA and Kwanro. The players are organized in such a way as to mimic the BroodWar teams of old, namely CJ Entus, SK Telecom, MBC Hero, KT Rolster, STX SouL, Hwaseung Oz and Samsung KHAN. 

According to TL user snipealot, however, Sonic's post should be taken with a grain of salt, explaining Sonic's past attempts with running a Proleague and what the format will be should this tournament become a reality.

"Just so you guys don't get too excited - sonic has tried this pretty often and it's very very hard to do a teamleague over a long period of time due to conflicting schedules. IF it does happen it will most probably be reduced to a short 8-team cup spanning a week or two. The post made by sonic is basically him thinking out loud after having had a chat with maybe a few players, that's it.

Edit: Note that he has only announced himself(his company) as the sponsor, nothing else. This is not set in stone."


Team line-ups
CJ Korea Movie Korea Mong Korea Zeus Korea Cola Korea Kwanro  
SKT Korea Ssak Korea Bisu Korea Larva Korea s2 Korea Pure  
MBC Korea Pusan Korea Sea Korea Jaehoon Korea StarCue Korea Tyson Korea Lazy
KT Korea Ample Korea Mind Korea Hint Korea Hm[Arnc] Korea Starry  
STX Korea Terror Korea Mini Korea Shuttle Korea hero Korea Notice  
OZ Korea Sky Korea HiyA Korea Beast Korea Kkong Korea Saber Korea Killer
KHAN Korea Zergman Korea Jangbi Korea Great Korea Hi Korea Shinee  




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