Upgrade complete: Succession v4.1

General Jonatan “Mazor” Littke
A major structural code upgrade to GosuGamers has been completed. It's big enough that we've chosen to call it version four in our development.

Our code platform/framework has at the same time been named Succession and thus this is GosuGamers running on Succession v4.1.

Succession v4.1 brings several changes that are mostly on the backend side of things. Things such as

database structure





functionalities have been heavily improved. It means that this time, many of the changes won't be visible to you.

However, you've got something you will be able to see, perhaps even in the near future. That's because we've remade the site into


and, for those of you who don't know CSS, it means we're able to have the same content on a lot of different designs, (see CSS Zen Garden to know what I mean). This means we've opened the doors to many creative skins in the future. If you're a webdesigner yourself, or know someone who's good with CSS and design, drop me a message and we can talk on how to create your own design and layout of GosuGamers - which perhaps might even make it a public standard.

We are certain new bugs have been introduced by this change so we welcome you to report that to us if you find any. Send me a PM or submit a comment as a reply to this news.

Thanks a lot!


Report any bugs - Gosugamers Forum
Jonatan “Mazor” Littke
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