WCG 2012: All the groups are ready

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Line-ups, match lists and tournament itinerary for this year's World Cyber Games have been provided. See what the groups for the RTS category of Dota 2, StarCraft 2 and WarCraft 3 are.

China enjoys strong representation in WCG débutée Dota 2. The hosts are sending in Invictus Gaming (GosuRank #1 and the ones who crushed LGD and For.Love in the WCG qualifiers) and G-1 runner-ups DK (GosuRank #6) as the likeliest winners of groups A and B respectively.

Malaysia and Asia champions and #7 in the GosuRankings Orange Esports hail in as the other heavy favorites to make the playoffs, placed in DK's group along with Uebelst, Shechki and LoF. On the other side of the ring, Elite Home Players, Minerski.kor, DevilMice and Garaj.Gaming (who qualified for WCG after Moscow 5's disbandment) will be the ones to join iG's group and challenge the hegemony of the TI 2012 champions. In case of mousesports, who qualified under the tag uebelst, the team will play with Leaf, not with Black.

Dota 2 line-up

Group A
China iG
Mongolia Elite Home Players
Korea Mineski.kor
Russia Garaj.Gaming
Belarus DevilMice
Group B
Ukraine UA.shechki
Malaysia Orange Esports
Germany mousesports
Mongolia LoF
China DK

In the StarCraft 2 department, the representatives of sixteen countries have formed a line-up arguably weaker than last year's. The tradition for Bo1 group stage games has been kept and although upsets are never out of the question, WCG 2012 is likely to follow its predecessors' example and have another Korean champion. Reigning champion MVP will not be making a return but his country has selected a worthy trio nonetheless. Returning is 2011 top eight MarineKing, who is joined by Korean WCG champion YongHwa and BWC world champion PartinG, who headline groups D, A and B.

Among the hopes of the foreigners are DH Summer semi-finalist Fraer, WCS South American champion Killer, WCS Europe top four Lowely, as well as a number of other renowned names, among which DarkForce, JonnyREcoo, qxc, Adelscott and Fenix. The WCG hosts are sending in a trio of Nvidia Festival champion MacSed, XluoS and Jim.

StarCraft 2 line-up

Group A
Korea YongHwa
Canada FireZerg
Germany DarkForce
China MacSed
Belarus Lowely
Ecuador Mojon

Group C
Ukraine Fraer
Canada AlexCMoi
Poland Paranoid
France Adelscott
Mexico JimRising
Chile Killer
Group B
China Xluos
Italy StarEagle
Korea Parting
United States Cobo
Peru Fenix
Mexico Maker

Group D
Korea MarineKing
China Jim
United States qxc
Canada Hendralisk
Russia Turuk
Argentina Capoch

Nothing but absolute legends are there in the WarCraft 3 corner. SKY, Moon, Remind and Paladyn form one very Night Elf heavy group, the former two of whom will also be featured in the opening match of the tournament. In Group B, reigning champion Lyn goes against Chinese powerhouses TeD and Fly100% as well as Russia's Hawk.

WarCraft 3 line-up

Group A
China SKY
Korea Remind
Poland Paladyn
Korea Moon
Group B
Korea Lyn
China Fly100%
Russia HawK
China TeD

Last but not least, DotA will make an appearance as promotional title for WCG 2012, featuring a total of six Asian teams, including the highly ranked teams of LGD and TongFu.

DotA line-up (unofficial title)

Group A
China LGD
Mongolia Almighty
Uzbekistan QAQ
Group B
Mongolia Avengers
China TongFu
Korea BBJ

WCG 2012 is inbound November 29th and will run till December 2nd. Full match and tournament schedule (for both streamed and non-streamed matches) is available through the links below.

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