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Andy Bloch is one of the most educated and respected poker pros on the circuit. He has over $4.4 million in live tournament winnings. He has been runner up in few large tournaments; second to Chip Reese in the 2006 WSOP $50k HORSE event for over a million, second in the 2008 NBC National Heads-Up Championship to Chris Ferguson for over $250k, and second to Nenad Medic in the 2008 $10k Pot-Limit Hold'em WSOP event for $488k. He defeated Phil Laak in the 2007 Pro-Am Poker Equalizer to take that title and the $500k first prize. Bloch has 26 cashes at the WSOP. He is a member of Team Full Tilt. Block was born June 1, 1969 in New Haven, Connecticut and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Things you might not know:
  • Bloch grew up playing cards with friends and family, always competing in games.
  • Bloch holds two electrical engineering degrees from MIT and a JD from Harvard Law School.
  • Bloch started playing poker seriously in 1992 while he was a member of the MIT blackjack team.
  • Bloch started playing $35 weekly tournaments at Foxwoods.
  • Bloch won a World Poker Finals tournament, the $100 entry fee no-limit hold'em tournament was the first time he had ever played no-limit.
  • Bloch played his first WSOP in 1995.
  • Bloch delayed pursuing a law career after making two WSOP final tables in 2001.
  • Bloch followed up that success with a 2002 Foxwoods first place in 7-card-stud and two WPT final table appearances.
  • Bloch is an accomplished blackjack player that was part of the MIT featured in the book Bringing Down the House.
  • Bloch played in the longest recorded heads-up battle in WSOP history, eventually losing to Chip Reese in the $50k WSOP HORSE event.
  • Bloch has the most WSOP final tables of anyone from 2000-2010 without winning a bracelet.
  • Bloch donates 100% of his profits on Full Tilt Poker to various charities around the world.

Andy Bloch has one of the most academic and mathematically gifted players of his generation. He is always looking for the right edge in every gaming situation.

Bloch videos of talking about his HU match with Mike Matusow, semi-bluffing, and an interview at the WSOP:

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