Cloud9 Takes on Team DK in Blizzcon Semi-Finals

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"It's easy to dunk a train, just pick it up and dunk it.  Understand, Anna?"

North American favorites Cloud9 took on the vaunted team from Korea, Team DK for the chance to move on to the Blizzcon Grand Finals.  Cloud9 brought some interesting plays to the table against the relatively standard Korean compositions.

Match Summary:

Map 1: Dragon Shire

Cloud9 opened the draft the same way they always do, by picking Jaina, and eventually added a Sylvannas, Leoric, a somewhat surprising Rehgar, and an even more surprising Rexxar.  Team DK went a little more traditional first taking Uther, adding a Muradin, Zagara and Arthas, and finishing the composition with a Valla, to the surprise of no one.

Team DK capitalized on early rotations to pick up some eliminations and gain a one level lead going into level ten.  They used their talent advantage to zone out and pick up yet another Dragon Knight.  After being rotated on and abused for most of the early game, Cloud9 was finally able to engage 5v5 at level 18 and win a fight 4-1, then picking up the Dragon Knight.  Cloud9 rode the Dragon Knight to level 20, and an effective two level lead.  Rexxar, or more accurately, Misha, turned out to be too much front line and chase, finishing kill after kill while not being prioritized.  Another bear chase twenty-seven minutes into the game sealed kills for Cloud9 as they went on to Smorc the core.

Map 2: Cursed Hollow

Team DK stayed mostly true to the Korean meta, begining conservatively with a Jaina and Uther, picking up an early Sonya, as well as a standard Valla, then adding in a Chen to finish the double warrior composition.  Cloud9 went a different direction, first picking Abathur, Tassadar, Leoric, Brightwing, and then they unleashed the Murlocs and finished their composition with a Murky.

The game held even all the way to level twelve when Team DK picked up the third tribute activating the map's curse.  Team DK used the curse to pick up two forts and secure a one level lead.  As Cursed Hollow is a map which snowballs a bit, Team DK then picked up an uncontested tribute, and cleared both Bosses.  Cloud9 rode an unkillable Murky to turn the tides, winning a late fight two to nothing with Abathur was soaking top lane.  At sixteem minutes in, Cloud9 hit level twenty and took their third tribute to get the curse.  During the curse Cloud9 was able to take down top keep. Abathur's split pushing with Locust Nests was too much for Team DK to deal with, as the constant pressure finally was too much, and Cloud9 was able to push the core and win.

Up Next: Cloud9 faces off with Team Dignitas in the Blizzcon Grand Finals

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