Alliance are champions and Summit 10 in a nutshell

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

The Summit 10 has come to an end crowing Alliance the championship team after a 3:0 sweep over paiN Gaming. 

Summit 10 was originally scheduled to be held December 12-16th of 2018 (yes, six months ago) and as usual was expected to feature top world teams and entertaining antics and production. However, just as the event was gearing up it was announced that the tournament would have to be postponed due to "issues with confirming teams and uncertainty with securing visas for potential replacements."

Instead, BTS adjusted things and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Summit! was created to take its place featuring six directly invited teams in which Team Spirit took the title of. 

Fast forward to early July 2019. Amid the TI9 qualifiers, the famed studio announced Summit 10 was back on the calendar - for just weeks later! 


With only a few weeks lead time and the hectic month of TI9 qualifiers followed by the main event in August, Summit 10 was quietly making their evil plans for filling the gaps and bringing the fans some laid back, fun but professional Dota 2. 

Six teams were directly invited - Alliance, compLexity Gaming, J.Storm, Team Serenity, beastcoast and paiN Gaming. Of those teams, only Alliance was TI9 bound and ultimately proved why at the end. 

After an impressive group stage performance, taking first with a 4:1:0 record, they went directly to the upper bracket finals. There, they were overwhelmed by paiN Gaming 2:1 but knocked it out of the ballpark with a 2:0 sweep over Team Serenity in the lower brackets and then exacting their revenge on paiN Gaming 3:0 in the grand finals. 

For Alliance, this would be their first LAN title of the season - a thrilling way to end the 2018-2019 season and head into TI9 with a bit more pep in their step and confidence in their hearts. 

Of course, it wouldn't have been the Summit without the first-rate content and production everyone has grown to expect. The event was peppered with fun antics and memes such as:

The Makeup Challenge:

beastcoast's acting debut:

The uber eats EU vs NA draft:

Loda's new look:


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Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani
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