GESC allegedly owe more than $750,000 in payments

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Recent allegations indicate that GESC owes more than $750,000 in prize and various payments to Dota 2 professionals from their last TWO minors held in the DPC 2017-2018 season. 

Update: GESC reported to Gosugamers October 31st "We have no comment at this time. We might release a short statement in due time."

Last year was the first of the DPC system introduced by Valve. While most of the expected event organizers were ready to answer the call to become a part of the new system, there were a few new names that entered into the scene.

Immediately, their presence raised some concern by the community at the time, wary of newcomers based on a history entrenched in shady, non-professional or inexperienced figures trying to take a piece of the 'cash cow'. 

One of these new faces to the Dota 2 tournament scene was GESC, who had been slated to hold FOUR events in the APAC region. However, the Minor scheduled for Singapore January 12-14th and the one in Malaysia March 2-4th were both postponed indefinitely "due to factors beyond our control". Those events were never held leaving only two — GESC: Indonesia March 15-18th and GESC: Thailand May 9-12th.  

Besides the postponement and eventual cancellation of the first two events, organizers received flack for the last minute change in the SEA qualifier dates and format for GESC: Thailand. TnC had taken to twitter to express their frustration while Mineski withdrew from participation.

Despite these bumps in the road, things seemed to get off without any more reported problems and the organizers even had received praise for their events from two prominent and trusted sources. 

Fast forward almost six months later and it seems that the level of production and hosting didn't reflect the organizer's financial integrity and payment status.

In an open letter penned by members of the Dota 2 professional scene "issues revolve around non-payment of more than $750,000 pertaining to both GESC Indonesia and GESC Thailand, two Dota events that took place in March and May this year, as well as individual and group consultancy services provided since 2017."

To make matters worse, it appears that Oskar Feng is also using Paul 'Redeye' Chaloner's name and reputation without consent as part of a fundraising project called Project HERO. 

Gosugamers has reached out to GESC without response as of the time of publication, nor has there been a formal response to the allegations from the organization as of yet. 


Should Valve have let newcomers take on DPC events?

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