A new guest, rising team, amd NP hunting for a second LAN invite, Dream League Season 6 resumes

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Dream League Season 6 resumes its league play stage where the eight invited teams have been battling each other in a two game series format for the top four spots. These four spots come with tickets for the Dreamhack Winter 2016 LAN finals. Shane 'Shaneomad' Clark is the special guest at the commentary desk for this week's league play.

Despite recently qualifying for The Summit 6, NP have three series scheduled for this week. Both Team Liquid and Escape Gaming played most of their matches last week and have only one scheduled appearance for this week of League Play. With this being said, the teams to look out for this week are NP, Alliance and The Imperial.

EE-Sama’s team just secured their first LAN appearance via regional qualifiers by winning the US bracket of The Summit 6. If they do well in the League Play, NP can secure a second LAN event spot before the Boston Major. At the end of the first week, NP stands on fourth place in the league, with two games played and one victory. On the other hand, Team Liquid’s situation is dire, with only one point gathered in four matches played. Alliance and The Imperial will start fresh this week.

Team G W L P
14 10 4 10
14 10 4 10
14 9 5 10
14 7 7 8
14 7 7 7
14 5 9 6
14 5 9 5
14 3 11 0
Matches and results
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Despite the big names entering the arena today, by far the most interesting to watch will be The Imperial, who have been grinding their way to top tier events for over a year. Better known as Danish Bears, the team added Jon '13abyKnight' Andersen to their roster at the beginning of June this year and got signed by The Imperial. Going from Bears to Imperials, the five boys impressed everyone at the WESG Kiev regional LAN finals by defeating the much more experienced players of Team Ukraine and Horde to win the event and go home with a spot secured at the $1.5M WESG Global Grand Finals in China.

The Imperial is the pleasant surprise of this season, and with the Boston Major qualifiers rapidly approaching, this should be their best chance to calibrate against some of the top competitors they might face in the European Qualifiers.

On a side note, just like compLexity, The Imperial features a set of brothers, Mikki 'HesteJoe-Rotten' Junget, plays the offlane role, and Danny 'NoiA' Junget, plays support and is team captain.

DreamLeague: Week 2 schedule:

September 18, 18:30 CEST - Alliance vs Escape Gaming
September 18, 21:00 CEST - Alliance vs NP

September 19, 18:30 CEST - The Imperial vs NP
September 19, 21:00 CEST - NP vs Team Liquid

September 20, 18:30 CEST - Alliance vs The Imperial
September 20, 21:00 CEST - Alliance vs Team Liqui



Can NP secure a top four finish in the DL#6 League Play?

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