Team Secret goes to ESL One Manila

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

After the recent announcement of the tournament format change, Team Secret decided to accept ESL’s invitation for the Manila LAN event.

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Team Secret are the third and the last invited team to ESL One Manila, ahead of them EHOME and Team Liquid were confirmed for the event.

When the invites were handled, in January this year, Team Secret along with Evil Geniuses declined the organizers for various reasons.

The addition of the double elimination group stage might have had an important role in Secret’s change of heart towards the tournament. This Secret appearance at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines will mark Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov’s fifth participation at ESL One LANs.

A total of eight teams will head to Manila in April to compete for the $250,000 prize pool money.

ESL One Manila participating teams:

Europe Team Liquid
Europe Team Secret
SEA qualified team 1
SEA qualified team 2
Philippines qualified team
America qualified team
Europe qualified team

All eight participating teams will be split in two groups of four and they will play each other in the double elimination group stage one day before the main event on April 22, to determine upper and lower bracket seeds for the single elimination bracket. The games taking place on Friday, April 22 will not be played at the Mall of Asia Arena but we will be able to watch them on Twitch, casted by the yet to be announced broadcast team.

ESL One Manila schedule:

Friday, April 22: Initial Matches + Winners’ Matches
Saturday, April 23: Elimination + Decider Matches (Decider Matches will replace the quarterfinals)
Sunday, April 24: Semifinals and Final


What do you think changed Secret’s decision?

The adjusted format
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Other reasons
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  • Maksim "Flex-" F ,
    As a S fan im quite happy they are going, though A right now deserves the invite way more.
    • Ernest Marvin "peacekeeper05" Esteban ,
      I think Alliance declined the invitation based on what Bulldog said on his stream though. Anyway I think Secret being in the tournament will make ESL One manila interesting again for some fans.
      • koko "romanuz" ro ,
        what did bulldog say abt esl manila?
        • Deep "deepdmistry" Mistry ,
          Alliance and several other teams have already declined the invite to ESL Manila, this is due to the fact that the Manila major is going to be at the same place and in very short time after ESL Manila concludes. This puts too much stress on teams due to travelling etc.
  • justin "justiins" CC ,
    Out of money!!!! Should I say Kappa now?
  • ken "nuxke" calmares ,
    Hope to see u all past navi roster.. puppey,dendi,xboct,kuroky and funnik...
  • Kyrl Haydn "MercyrL" LIgan ,
    MVP promised to pay for their expenses... I'm sure of that... ^_^. Too bad I didn't get to buy vip tickets.. :(
  • Ernest Marvin "peacekeeper05" Esteban ,
    Weird. There won't be Chinese qualifier anymore? EDIT: just read the ESL one website regarding the info, I think there will be only one SEA qualified team now instead of two


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