Mineski-X compelled by Valve to replace their mid player

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Valve shows mercy for Mineski-X and will allow them to keep their spot in the regional qualifiers despite playing with one player who is life banned from Valve-related events.

After Team Redemption got disqualified in the first session of SEA open qualifiers, the winners of the round, Mineski-X were told today that they need to replace Mark Anthony "Jacko" Soriano if they want to keep their regional qualifiers spot.

In a recent Facebook post Mineski-X announced the ex 5eva player Adrian "Ysaera" Wui as a replacement for Jako.

We would like to announce the replacement for our Mid player Mark Anthony "Jacko" Soriano due to the rules set by Valve. Adrian "Ysaera" Wui will be joining us for the upcoming Major Regional Qualifiers. We will try our best in the qualifiers and give our best!

We hope Jacko stay strong and we will try our best to help him in the future. - Mineski-X

Along with other 15 SEA players, Jacko is on a life time ban list from Valve events due to their implication in the two huge match fixing scandal that cursed the SEA scene back in 2014.

In October 2014 Mineski conducted an investigation on their own team and MSI Evogt in which eight players admitted they were involved in a match fixing scheme where teams intentionally drafted poorly for a potential $900 in betting earnings. As a result all players received a life time ban from Valve’s events.

List of player involved in Mineski-MSI Evogt scandal:

Philippines Mark Anthony "Jacko" Soriano - Mineski
Philippines Richard "Paseo" Minowa - Mineski
Philippines Joven "jvn" Pancho - Mineski
Philippines Patrick "JyC" Pascua - MSI Evogt
Philippines Denver "yNd" Miranda - MSI Evogt
Philippines  Mark "Byb" Gavin - MSI Evogt
Philippines Carlo "Chin" Rivera - MSI Evogt
Philippines  Jo "Jotan" Tan - MSI Evogt

Just a few days after this incident Arrow Gaming was caught betting against themselves in a series versus Can’t say Wips and all the five players got also lifetime banned.

Arrow Gaming/ Team Redemption banned players:

MalaysiaCoh "MoZuN" ChooJian
Malaysia Chiok "xiangzai" Soon Siang
Malaysia Kok "ddz" Liong
Malaysia Kelvin "MaTteRu" Chong
Malaysia Fua "Lance.my" Hstien Wan

Three more players from Vietnam, former Aces Gaming are also on the Valve lifetime ban list:

Vietnam  Duc Trung "Kua" Nyugen
Vietnam Viet Thanh "Misa" Nguyen
Vietnam  Trunk Hieu "Sph" Nyugen

source: Mineski - X Facebook Page


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  • sir elgin "sirelgin230" ortiz ,
  • Simon "spiroman" Bruno ,
    In the line with 900$ at the end there is a typo, "lifet"
  • Maksim "Flex-" F ,
    So SEA players who got cought are being banned and the Western ones don't ?
    • edison "ersoftdev" rondilla ,
      • muhamad "denada" hanifa ,
        rofl asian playa doing it when they play at valve event,,, and 322 doing it when SL still not cooperate with valve :))
        • Lim "Raina" Raina ,
          Not trying to be a dickhead disagreeing with you, but the amount of support given to solo is very different to the players in sea scene. SEA sponsor basically are gears sponsors and have very little or no income at all. For Team Redemption case, I think they did explain how much they were "paid" or have unresolved payment. Not having a proper salary base contract, the players are of course more inclined to receiving payments. Quit talking about pride or moral standards, just think about making a living, Unlike solo who chose personally with his gf to throw games, TR, Mski and msievogt were part of a bigger controlled network to fraud. It is almost like human trafficking, contracted low pay gamers and after all the shit had no chance of recovery. Please tell me a different viewpoint so that I can feel less pity for them.
  • Ralp Eric "BazBlaze" Benas ,
    hahaha funny how Vega.Solo not involved in the lifetime ban, he started the 322 shit and how come he's not involved in the lifetime ban? Im not hating on Solo but all this players deserve second chance, dota 2 community are full of salty people, didnt know you guys would turn salty aswell..!! the hate on peenoise is real !! VOLVO confirmed it.
    • Sir "melvinwaaa" Friendzone ,
      322 was the starting point. The prime example. Patient zero. The very first case of (caught) matchfixing. Yet Arrow and these PH money-grabbing fuckers still chose to do it. GGWP
  • Tomás Enrique "laway" Araya Díaz ,
    Mark "Byb" Gavin is a member of Execration now. He should be replaced as well.


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