Matchfixing scandal investigation continues, players suspended temporarily

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Shortly after the matchfixing scandal regarding both Mineski and MSI EvoGT broke, both organizations issued investigations into the matter. Mineski has now reported that eight players from both teams will be placed under temporary suspension until further notice. In the meantime, another source has disclosed GosuGamers that IAP's Bimbo was kicked out of Mineski as he refused to participate in the matchfixing.

Only a day after the matchfixing scandal between Mineski and MSI Evogt has gone public, Mineski has released a statement, stating that both organizations have worked together and have decided to place a total of eight players under suspension until the investigation has been closed. The players will not participate in upcoming events, both offline and online, forcing Mineski to attend the upcoming LAN in Thailand with two stand-ins. 

The currently suspended players are:


Mark Anthony 'Jacko' Soriano
Joven 'jvn' Pancho
Richard 'Paseo' Minowa


Jo 'Jotan' Tan
Carlo 'Chin' Rivera
Mark 'Byb' Gavin
Denver 'yNd' Miranda
Patrick 'JyC' Pascua

GosuGamers has, however, been able to reach another reliable source that was able to tell us in advance that these preventive measures were about to be taken and that it is unlikely these investigations will yield any results, as the involved parties are alarmed by the uproar and have already gone dark, only to plan on resurfacing at a later time. According to our source, it would not be the first time this scenario happened.

The source also disclosed that Jay 'Bimbo' Qui was most likely booted from his team while he was playing for Mineski because he refused to take part in the matchfixing any longer. Another reddit thread that emerged yesterday indicates that Bimbo was approached for an All-Star team that would have included other players involved in the match fixing scandal.

All these new pieces of information, especially from the reddit thread, indicate that the matchfixing scandal extends to an actual ring and that the issue at hand might have infested the whole scene. First Departure's Meracle however stated on his twitter that he and his team would like to distance themselves from such accusations.


To back up his accusations and to fend off the allegations that all the provided screenshots from the conversations are not fake, a video from the hacker that has posted all this information has emerged, in which he shows that he has access to the Facebook account in question. 

The plot thickens as more and more information reaches the surface that indicates that this matchfixing ring does indeed exist and it is upon the people involved to step forward and shed light on the matter. 

Author's personal thoughts on the matter:

I have serious doubts that anyone will ever be seriously punished for any of this. It will be too hard to prove anything and apparently, this has been going on for quite some time. Who's to say it won't happen again and who will actually take action to punish people involved? An investigation by the involved parties is unlikely to yield results and there is no governing body that would take over. I just hope that somebody involved steps forward, but I believe at this point too much money is involved for anyone to have the guts to come forward. 

Source:, Reddit