Virtus.Pro set to take the final slot at the Summit 4 Finals

Dota 2 Arvind “arvindl” L

Virtus.Pro will be heading to Los Angeles to play at the Summit 4 finals as they grab final slot after the cancelleation of the redemption votes

Beyond the Summit in their twitter page announced that the final team to participate at The Summit 4 will be Virtus Pro.Earlier this week it was announced that the redemption vote will not be happening for The Summit 4 due to Reborn not allowing “third party compendiums” and thus leading to Virtus.Pro being invited to fill in the 8th slot.  

Virtus.Pro is one of the few teams that has been consistent for a while and have suffered no roster changes. Considering their strong performances in several tournaments and a decent finish in the Frankfurt Major, it comes as no surprise that they have been invited to participate in the Summit 4 Finals.

The Summit 4 is set to take place next month from December 9-13 in Los Angeles. It will feature 8 teams who will play for a base prize pool of $100,000

Teams Participating

United States Evil Geniuses
Europe Team Liquid
Europe OG
Philippines Mineski
China Vici Gaming
United States Digital Chaos
Russia Virtus.Pro


Do you think inviting Virtus.Pro was the right decision ?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Naharai "DarkSaga89" Silva ,
    Good move by BTS.
  • Dark "darkmonster59" Monster ,
    Still, there's no BTS without Puppey and Kuro together, and ofc Dendi... imagine the amount of memes and feels there would've been in one single day. Oh and remember the casting couch with Puppey, N0tail and H4nn1 in 2014 when they casted the DK vs EG game... that was the most entertaining cast of my entire life. Mason was playing for EG that game and he was playing Mirana he kept hitting arrow after arrow, yes EG lost to DK that game but the hype from N0tail Puppey and H4nn1 made me laugh so fucking much I was on the ground. They were like, "OH MY GOD THAT ARROW, HE HITS IT AGAIN, HOW DOES IT DO IT, OH MY GOD", "LEGOLAS HERE WE GO". "MASON ARE YOU KIDDING ME HOW YOU DO IT MAN !". But yeah this is mostly just nostalgia , guess players just moved on and they're not as close as they used to be in the scene. Times change as the scene grows day by day, hopefully this event can unite them again just like it did in the past. If Secret would've been in this tournament as well , this could easily be another Major tournament. Nevertheless, accepting the reality , I am still hyped for this tournament and I can't wait for EG to get their revenge from the Majors from OG.
    • Arvind "arvindl" L ,
      i feel you brother .. Puppey and notail crack me up .. most entertaining cast ever ! iceiceice is still there if its of any consolation


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