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Why would they invite Pain Gaming. They have 504 DPC points while Optic has 1800 points. It would be utterly stupid to Invite Pain.

Article 5/31/18, 5:47 AM

Even The Final Tribe and Team Spirit have a slim chance i.e if they win the super major. 1st place at the supermajor is almost 3300 points for the team. So the contenders for the 4 to 8 are Newbee, Mineski, VG Thunder, Vici Gaming, TNC, The Final Trible and Team Spirit.

Article 5/29/18, 7:05 AM

Optic might play at the Supermajor if am not mistaken. With OG withdrawing from the tournament, there is a good chance they might replace them. However China being China, they might invite a tier 2 Chinese team like Keen or something.

Article 5/29/18, 7:03 AM

Even EG won the GESC Indonesia and haven't been doing that bad comparatively. But OG and Navi are simply atrocious. Navi is just mooching off Lil for those DPC points and they haven't done Jack in the recent times. The had a brief resurgence but now they aren't even a Tier 1 team (likewise for OG and they don't even have a Mid -_-)

Article 4/17/18, 1:12 PM

It would be the end of OG if they recruit Dendi. Dendi is the face of Na'vi and they always build the squad around him so I don't that's a feasible move.

Article 8/18/17, 5:17 AM

ohh my bad, i was replying to the guy above lol. I think i should have hit the reply to button for his answer instead of yours

Article 8/9/17, 10:00 AM

I don't think cr1t is a bad captain but everyone needs to understand that this is the big stage and all teams are going to give their best. Sometimes teams get outplayed not because they suck but the other team just played better. It's kinda sad to see EG exit this early in the tournament but we've all go to give to Empire for their stupendous performance rather than complain about EG. Cheers :)

Article 8/9/17, 7:41 AM

The name Loda will forever echo in every fan who truly appreciates the game. LordOfDolAmroth aka L-God. Thank you for the countless memories

Article 6/12/17, 8:44 AM
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