Update: Heen, MP joins MVP.Phoenix, MVP.hot6ix three players down

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MVP.Phoenix's roster has been finalized with Pyoh 'MP' Noah transferring from MVP.hot6ix to the team; MVP.hot6ix has only two players remaining. Pyoh 'MP' Noah will most likely be taking the role of carry on the squad.

Lee 'Heen' Seung Gon seems to have transferred to MVP.Phoenix from his original team MVP.hot6ix; Heen is currently registered for the upcoming Major under MVP.Phoenix as a primary player.

Lee 'Heen' Seung Gon of MVP.Hot6ix, will be playing in the upcoming Major under the banner of MVP.Phoenix; MVP.Hot6ix is MVP.Phoenix's sister squad. With this transfer, MVP.Phoenix are only short of a Carry player to complete their roster for the upcoming Major, it is expected that the final player on MVP.Phoenix will sign up in the coming days.

Heen's transfer to MVP.Phoenix leaves two places empty on MVP.hot6ix, lessening the likelihood of the team playing in the upcoming Major. However, there has been a report of Heen saying that MVP will be fielding two teams in the upcoming Major, signaling the possibility that MVP.hot6ix has already found the players to complete their squad.

MVP.Phoenix's current roster:
Korea Park 'March' Taewon
Korea Kim 'QO' Sun
Korea Kim 'Febby' Yongmin
Korea Lee 'Heen' Seung Gon

MVP.Hot6ix's roster:
Korea Lee 'Forev' Sung-Don
Korea Pyoh 'MP' Noah
Korea Lee 'SunBhie' Jeong-jae

Currently, there are two players who are highly likely to fill the empty positions in MVP. The first is Lee 'Reisen' Jun-young, MVP.Phoenix's former support player and the second is Damien 'kphoenii' Chok, MVP.Phoenix's Carry player who is rumored to be looking for a new team.

Source: Dota2.com

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