The International releases list of invites and qualifier teams

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All the teams directly invited and the ones participating in the qualifiers were unveiled during the night and there were some surprises and some snubs in the list. There will also be open qualifiers to decide the last spot of each regional main qualifier.

Ten teams are invited. They will be joined at the final competition by four regional qualifier winners as well as two wild card winners. Each qualifier contains ten teams with the tenth spot of each to be determined through an open qualifier, which is a new touch for this year. The runner-up of each regional qualifier will be travelling to Seattle to determine the final two to complete the participating team list for The International 5.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Vici Gaming is listed as the first invite and Evil Geniuses as the second. Vici Gaming have been very dominant for quite a while and Evil Geniuses won the massive Dota 2 Asia Championship. Both teams won a significant amount of tournaments since TI4. Third team is the ever so hyped Team Secret who despite not having won anything have been performing really well and always been up there ever since the formation, having one of the highest winrates in competitive matches compared to others active at the same time.

The fourth spot goes to Invictus Gaming who currently is looking like the baby brother of Vici Gaming, both teams being very hot right now. LGD claims the fifth invite despite not having any proper achievements as of late outside of winning i-League #2. They do however have a strong well known roster and the organisation has been around for a long time and have always been pulling results. Cloud9 receiving the sixth invite should come as no surprise either as they have been the top contender of Europe for a long time together with Secret.

Eastern European powerhouse Team Empire have been a solid name in the scene ever since late 2013 and after winning MLG Pro League and taking second at Major All Stars a TI5 invite seemed more or less locked in. Virtus.Pro also snagged themselves an invite, they have been right up there with Empire as top CIS team but they have been suffering some confusing roster shuffles. NewBee also receives an invite despite having a very lacklustre track record and not showing much potential but being defending champions weighs heavy. The last spot was obviously reserved for a South East Asian team where the decision was between Rave and MY, but in the end the recent Internet issues of Rave while MY rose above all other SEA teams in short time earned MY the invite.

All invited and qualifier teams will be known by 06.30 CEST (00.30am EDT, 21.30pm EDT, 12.30pm SGT).

TI5 invited teams

China Vici Gaming
United States Evil Geniuses
Europe Team Secret
China Invictus Gaming
China LGD
Europe Cloud9
Russia Team Empire
Russia Virtus.Pro
China NewBee
Malaysia MY

Predicted invites by GosuGamers (8/10):

Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Cloud9, LGD, Invictus Gaming, Team Secret, Team Empire, Virtus Pro, Rave, Ninjas in Pyjamas.


Americas Qualifier teams

United States ROOT Gaming
United States Summer's Rift
Peru Not Today
United States Leviathan
International Team Tinker
United States Void Boys
United States compLexity Gaming
United States North American Rejects
United States Wheel Wreck While Wrestling
Other open qualifier winner

China Qualifier teams

China Tongfu
China CDEC
China Newbee Youth
China HyperGloryTeam
China Old Boys
China Energy Pacemaker
China Vici Gaming Potential
China Tongfu.Wanzhou
Other open qualifier winner

Europe Qualifier teams

Russia Vega Squadron
Europe Burden United
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Belarus PowerRangers
Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
Sweden Alliance
Greece London Conspiracy
Russia Hellraisers
Finland 4 Anchors
Other open qualifier winner

South east Asia Qualifier teams

Singapore 5eva
Philippines Mineski
Singapore Can't Say Wips
Philippines Rave
Philippines TnC Gaming
South Korea MVP.Phoenix
Thailand Signature.Trust
Malaysia G-Guard
South Korea MVP.hot6
Other open qualifier winner


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