Chinese reshuffle concludes, VG, HGT and LGD new rosters announced

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The final day of the Chinese reshuffle is over, and all the major clubs have announced their rosters for the new season. LGD, ViCi Gaming and HGT were the last teams to announce their rosters, while DK and CIS did not sign any new players.

The Association of Chinese eSports (ACE) just announced the final rosters for the major Chinese squads, after a day full of announcements and speculations. Since August 26th was the official deadline for player transfers set by ACE, no more changes can be expected until 2015. Thus, these will be the rosters which will participate in the upcoming tournaments such as i-League and WEC. 

LGD Gaming

The LGD organization has decided to completely renovate their DotA2 squad and build a fresh roster made of some of the strongest players in the scene. They will be replacing four of their players, keeping only Zheng Zheng 'Yao' Yao. As it currently stands, the roster looks quite solid and the roles seem easy to determine. Sylar and Faith were old members of LGD and they will feel like home in their new squad, while Inflame and MMY will be bringing their skill and experience to their new team's table.

LGD roster :

China Liu 'Sylar' Jiajun
China Zheng Zheng 'Yao' Yao
China He 'Inflame' Yongzheng
China Lei 'MMY-Dai' Zeng Rong
China Zeng 'Faith' Hongda


Minor changes are coming for HGT, with Xun Tao 'XTT' Hu being replaced by Peng 'Icy' Wang. XTT will be moving to the Chinese squad New Element. 

HGT roster :

China Jian 'ZSMJ' Gong
China Hu 'KAKA' Liangzhi
China Xiu 'prettyhaw' Xiu
China Wang 'Icy' Peng
China Guo 'Cys' Sida

ViCi Gaming

The runner-up team of The International 4 will be acquiring two foreign members this time - Daryl 'Iceiceice' Koh Pei Xiang and Dominik 'BlacK^' Reitmeier. Iceiceice will claim rOtk's position while BlacK^ will be playing his favorite carry role instead of Sylar. Super, Fenrir and fy chose to remain loyal to their club, with Fenrir being the old-timer of ViCi Gaming since he joined in 2012. 

ViCi Gaming roster :

Germany Dominik 'BlacK^' Reitmeier
China Xie 'Super' Junhao
Singapore Daryl 'iceiceice' Koh Pei Xiang
China Lu 'Fenrir' Chao
China Xu 'fy' Linsen

DK and CIS-Flame

ACE's announcement did not include rosters for DK and CIS-Flame. CIS was a team that rose to prominence this year with their unconventional drafting and five members with impressive individual skill. Since most of these members found their place in some of the strongest teams of the scene, the squad served its purpose - it helped some new blood enter the weary Chinese scene and bring a sense of refreshment and renovation. 

On the other hand, DK's story is one of high expectations - perhaps too high. The team entered the scene with five of the most wanted players in the world, aiming to win The International 4 from the very first days. The new roster managed to dominate the opposition in several tournaments for a large period of time before it enters a slump, from which it never recovered - leading to the fourth place in  Seattle. While the fans expected a new roster and a new attempt this year, it seems that the organization had a different opinion. Thus, no new players were acquired, BurNIng and LaNm retired, MuShi returned to Malaysia while MMY and iceiceice joined LGD and VG respectively.


More Chinese teams completed their rosters earlier today, such as Invictus Gaming and NewBee.


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