• Name Andreas St
  • Location Greece
  • Date of birth 13 Sep 1993
  • Primary game DotA
There's really not much to say about Andreas 'drouks' Stavridakis, except that he sleeps two hours a day, plays the guitar and survives solely on Diet Coke. He also writes about DotA sometimes.

drouks's activity

Go xy-! (Btw your title is kinda misleading, they didn't move into the Lower Bracket, they just managed to survive another round of it)

Article 22/01/2017, 15:17

This upcoming week = easiest +rank of your lives. Just enter a game and... buy m4a1/awp, then proceed to own all those excited kids who only buy this R8 pistol even though they have $16k.

Article 10/12/2015, 22:19

He is given too much credit for these builds, when he only reproduced what he saw in pub games. The pro players weren't buying Ags on Windrunner cause her ulti SUCKED at the time, it was not until it got severely buffed that the build became popular. The Furion Deso rush build is terrible even now, unless you play against slow-as-fuck enemies who do not understand how squishy you are. The only mildly inovative thing was the carry Silencer he played (which wasnt even his build, he says so in the video) which may have started a trend of non-support Silencers that the scene lacked. I'm not even gonna comment on the rest of his guides (...go ahead and pick roam CK/offlane OD in a serious game, I double dare you). He just abused the 2k reddit idiots that felt excited about trying new heroes. It is known, it is known.

Article 02/11/2015, 12:52

Nydra intentionally chose the skull dude with the pistols for the article's headline - he knows that 99% of the players will play this class first cause it's the perfect combination of emo and badass.

Article 11/10/2015, 02:01

Did you know that mango is a negative calorie fruit? If you eat a piece of mango you burn more calories than you gain! Mango is the cheat of life man!

Article 28/04/2015, 14:49

>I immediately regret my decision

Article 04/04/2015, 17:13

you saw nothing!

Article 26/03/2015, 15:38

(PS. I know Bucharest has no port, it's a figure of speech)

Article 26/03/2015, 15:30
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