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Pinnacle Cup II: Swiss Stage showcases teams with the grits to go on

CS:GO Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

Three out of the four teams from play-in have some promise to head to the next round.

As we are in the middle of the Swiss Stage part of Pinnacle Cup II, the teams are knee deep in figuring out their placement in the competition as they battle to see how they fare, and if they will proceed to the playoffs, and thus, the grand finals.

We have seen several outstanding plays throughout the Seiss Stage rounds, and we still have three more rounds to go. If you are following our social media, we have shared some of the outstanding plays through our Nightly Best series.

At the top of the table, ENCE is dominating with two out of two wins so far. Sharing that stage are Endpoint , SINNERS Esports , and SKADE . These teams show why they are at the top of the table, with wins so far in the competition. While ENCE breeze through their matches, the other three did have to work a little hard to keep their standing, as both Sinners Esports and Endpoint had to go through overtime and SKADE even had to play all three rounds in one of the matches.

Lyngby Vikings , mouz NXT and Young Ninjas all scored a win and a lost each. After the gruelling play-in round, they are still showing that they have the grits to advance in the competition. 100pingGODs still need to play one more game to complete their round 2 of the Swiss Stage.

For the rest of the teams, there are still three rounds in the Swiss Stage for them to prove themselves if they have the mettle to stay in the competition.

At the end of Round 2, the teams will be grouped into three – High, Middle and Low. The ranking is based on the number of rounds they have won minus the number of rounds their opponents played against them. The current standing is as follows:

Team Matches Round Difference
ENCE 2-0 + 22
Endpoint 2-0 + 22
Sinners Esports 2-0 + 22
SKADE 2-0 + 6
Double Poney 1-1 - 1
HAVU Gaming 1-1 + 6
Lyngby Vikings 1-1 - 4
MIBR 1-1 - 2
mouz NXT 1-1 +13
Team Fiend 1-1 - 8
Young Ninjas 1-1 + 4
100PingGods 0-1 - 2
Entropiq 0-1 - 17
AGO 0-2 - 17
Copenhagen Flames 0-2 - 26
Team One 0-2 - 18

The teams with the highest round difference will play in the High matches, those right below them will be placed in the Middle matches, and the teams with the lowest difference will be placed in the Low matches.

The first match of Round 3 will happen on July 7, so stay tuned with our Pinnacle Cup II Hub right here and our social media channels to get the latest information.

Pinnacle Cup II Format:

Group Stage:

  • 16 invited teams
  • Four groups of four
  • Winner of each group will advance to Swiss Stage
  • All games best-of-five

Swiss Stage:

  • 4 qualified teams from group stage
  • 12 invited teams
  • Standard Swiss Stage tournament
  • All games best-of-five
  • 8 will proceed to playoffs

Play Offs

  • 8 qualified teams from Swiss Stage battle in quarter finals round 1
  • 4 qualified teams proceed to quarter finals round 2 against 4 invited teams
  • 4 teams battle it out for semi finals and grand final
  • All games best-of-five

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