Lost Saga MSL 2009 groups and schedule

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The groups for the 2009 Lost Saga MSL has been drawn! Savior vs Bisu and the group of death with Jaedong, Flash and Firebathero!

32 players who either advanced from the MBC Survivor Tournament (MST) or were seeded from the last MSL participated in the group drawings. Like usual it was an event for the fans with the pro gamers doing special walk-ins to entertain their fans like UpMagic's list of MSL players that he lit on fire and made it sparkle or FireBatHero's striptease when he turned his back to the crowd and took off his jacket to show the screaming female fans the top of his back that had no shirt on.

The first map in the first group has already been spoken about a lot. Bisu vs Savior. Bruce Lee toss vs The Maestro. Is it time for 2009 to kick in? Will Bisu be destroyed as the first victim or will Savior once again be humiliated? Time will tell. Group F must be the group of death. With Flash, Jaedong, Firebathero and Hwasin. I'm sure this group will give us some good games.

What's about the other groups? We have group G for example with only terrans. Nada, Canata, Ruby and Frozean. Many people will sigh when they see a TvT only group but hey, Nada is in it! It's pretty amazing. Nada is still one of the strongest progamers after almost ten years. Many progamers have slumped or retired, but not Nada. He has survived and kept up with the newer progamers increasing skill. That's something that - in my opinion - deserve credit!

The groups:

Group A - 1-15-2009
Round 1 Bisuvs SaviorSin Harmony
Round 2 Magmavs ZeroCarthage

Group B - TBA
Round 1 Kalvs LuxuryCarthage
Round 2 Letavs HyukByzantium 2

Group C - TBA
Round 1 Jangbivs IrisByzantium 2
Round 2 Tempestvs FantasyDestination

Group D - TBA
Round 1 Freevs Bul_TDestination
Round 2 Horang2vs KwanroSin Harmony

Group E - TBA
Round 1 Yellow[Arnc]vs UpMagicSin Harmony
Round 2 Muchvs By.HeroCarthage

Group F - TBA
Round 1 FireBatHerovs FlashCarthage
Round 2 Hwasinvs JaedongByzantium 2

Group G - TBA
Round 1 Nadavs FrozeanByzantium 2
Round 2 Rubyvs CanataDestination

Group H - TBA
Round 1 Storkvs ForGGDestination
Round 2 Seavs go.goSin Harmony

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