The financial crisis hits Brood War

StarCraft Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

A couple of days ago, mTw announced that their partnership with AMD was cancelled due to the current economic situation. For the first time we in this isolated community are hit by the real world financial crisis.

For those who are living under a rock, mTw is a German top team with players like HoRRoR, iNfeRnaL, NarutO etc. They are currently taking part in BWCL division 1 and ICC-CL divison 1. Last season in BWCL they came third with only MYM above them and their countrymen in n!faculty above them.

They have had a partnership with AMD and has thus far gone under the name AMD.mTw. This was supposed to be long term, but AMD was forced to terminate it due to the current financial situation.

mTw states that they were informed in good time, so they have had time to look for sponsors and should not be affected in a too major way, and they are well prepared for 2009.

Hopefully this will be the only contract broken, but it is an ugly reminder how Brood War is connected to the rest of the world and that we are dependant on other organisations, who depend on the financial climate.

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