Infernal Gamers orders Chinese

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 01 June 2007 16:25

Infernal Gamers, with BingBonG as their long-time leader told GosuGamers about their four newest additions to the team. This time the team feasted their eyes on China, and along came Super, JiFeng, JayStar and ChinaTTT.

With only one playday left in the WGTour Clan League Infernal Gamers adds four heavy players. The four new recruits will also come in handy when the new Qpad/NaW Clan League will start. BingBonG tells us that through contacts of his he managed to recruit the four Chinese players and join their roster. However BingBonG tells us that they will not take part in WGTCL, as the time during those clan wars are around 04:00 in the morning for the Chinese players.

We could yesterday observe that Super was eliminated from the PGL tournament, where he otherwise has shown good results. JiFeng, JayStar and ChinaTTT are also tough Chinese players that will inflict fear in their opponents in European events.

The team Infernal Gamers has now also become a multigaming squad, with WaCraft 3, Counter-Strike and a Call of Duty 2 squad apart from their known StarCraft squad.

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