Progamers in Korean army + pictures

Posted by "KoenigFrederik" at 07 December 2006 12:18

Boxer along with other Korean progamers had to retire from their professional StarCraft career and serve the army. After doing two months of basic training he has been promoted to Korean Airforce - and to Airforce Pro Team.

As we reported in a former newspost about a comeback of Boxer the non-Korean StarCraft community just recieved new pictures of Boxer and his new team mates of Korean Airforce Pro Team. Korea level posted several pictures of the new team over at The current team consists of the following players: ChRh, H.O.T-Forever, Clon, and Boxer. Mumyung who recently joined army will be added to the roster soon.

From left to right: ChRh,H.O.T-Forever,Clon and Boxer

Boxer at his new training place

Surely a great opportunity for the former progamers as they are able to play their favourite game in the evening after doing army duty. Boxer will play his first game on first of January in 2007:

MBCgame Survivor League 1st round:
Boxer (AirForce) vs. Nal_keke (Pantech) Reverse Temple
Stork (Samsung) vs. Dream.t)Orion (CJ) Reverse Temple

A link to the original thread including further information and pictures can be found below.

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