Replay Pack: GoodFriend

Posted by oio "iamdisE" oioi at 16 July 2005 18:50

The Korean professional Starcraft player GoodFriend has been showing great skill for some time. Performing very well in a large number of matches - especially in the Terran versus Terran matchup. Now GosuGamers present to you - a GoodFriend replay package!

good2.jpgI did a deep research and found no less than 76 nice replays of the Korean Terran star Korea GoodFriend (picture). In this replay package they are all sorted by patch, matchup and map on which the game was played. It weights 8,05 MB, so you should be able to download it, even if you are on a modem.

Here in the package you can find a lot of great matches from WGTour, PGTour, WCG and a bunch of friendly games. He is facing great players such as South Korea NaDa, South Korea ForU, South Korea TeratO and even the top Chinese player China Linyu)Pj.


Full Name: Byeong Min Lee
ID: GoodFriend
AKAs: T.3)Friend & T.3)hOHo & T.3)Aksiba (*T.3) clan), evergreen77 (WGTour), dolldream, hjs[1004], ZinGun[saM], EndlessHorizon, Go)G_zinGun, Munchu[saM] and pepeoot (PGTour)
Main Race: Terran
E-Mail: [email protected]
Birthday: 20/11/1986
Hobby: Sleeping, listening to music, soccer
Mouse and Keyboard: Tracker and Skydigital or Samsung White
Practice: 10 hours a day
Most impressive game: MBCgame Starleague prelims final vs SynC (His first game on TV)
Words to players who wanna be a progamer: Only the unconditional/absolute practicing could make a good result.
Most intimidate gamers: My team mates and Junwi_[saM] (Hanbit), midas[gm] (T1)



[2005-07] 2nd at Ever OSL Starleague
[2005.3] 4th at IOPS 04~05 OSL
[2004.8] 4th at SPRIS 2004 MSL
[2003.11] 4th at TG Trigem 2003 MSL

All of the fake replays should be filtered out, but there were one or two I was not 100% sure about. Enjoy!

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KeSPA - GoodFriend in KeSPA


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