IdrA moves on to Playoffs

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 05 January 2010 02:26
ESL Major series is close to the playoffs, with the qualification rounds finished. Ret didn't show, and it's still uncertain if MaNa will be given the walkover or not.

ESL Major Series
GroupQualified players
APoland kogeT
BGermany aCe
BUnited States IdrA
BUkraine White-Ra
CGermany Mondragon
CPoland MaNa*
CUkraine Strelok
DPoland Draco

The qualification games are done, and we're ready for the playoffs. IdrA and kolll played a 2-1 series, with IdrA having the upperhand after losing the first game.

Strelok took won 2-1 against Dreiven, and qualifies along with with MaNa if he's given a walkover against Ret, and Mondragon who qualified by winning his group with a 3-0 score.

Only kogeT qualified from group A, as MorroW lost to White-Ra 2-0, and kolll as mentioned lost to IdrA.

When asked if he gave a walkover, Ret had this to say;
- "I don't know if it will be a walkover or not, I just know it was 3 AM, and I was sleeping".

So there's still no source on wether still will be played at a later date or MaNa gets the walkover.


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