ToT)aCe( vs mtm- Rematch

StarCraft Chris “ostojiy” Ostojic
After a disappointing loss last Saturday Korean Terran mtm- is going to rematch German Zerg ToT)aCe( who has been dominating the recent GosuGamers showmatches with wins against SarenS, Brat_OK, and most recently mtm-, who was clearly unsatisfied with his performance last week and has asked for another chance. Match will be a best of 5 on these maps:

1.- Destination
2.- Heartbreak Ridge
3.- Blue Storm
4.- Outsider
5.- Python

All games will be played, streamed and casted at 14:00 CET, 22:00 KST, or 8:00 EST on December 27th. Tune in and see if mtm- is able to redeem himself and emerge victorious against the Terran Killer ToT)aCe(, or whether ToT)aCe( will be able to continue his GosuGamers showmatch dominance.

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