Interview with Nick 'Tasteless' Plott

StarCraft Sebastian “PolygonreVue” Sjöberg
Nick Plott is a man who deserves little introduction - he is Tasteless, and in terms of making eSports into an actual career and not just a passion he has gone further than most. In this interview, he tells the community how it all began for him and where he wants and hopes for it to lead, in Korea and beyond.

However - there is one question that all Starcraft fans would like to know right now: What happened to GomTV and when will we hear Tasteless cast professional Starcraft again at a regular basis?

This reporter is pleased to say that this question and more will be answered in this interview, as Nick Plott will here for the first time ever reveal his own full and official insight into the drama. He also has not forgotten about GosuGamers...

Today, the 21st of November 2009, is a good day for Starcraft - TSL2 has just begun and now the BallerToss speaks. Enjoy:

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