Monthly GosuRanking Review: North American Edition (March)

Overwatch Robbert “Broeder” Troost

North America had one of its best months in a while, with the Pit Championship, the Carbon Series and several smaller tournaments.

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North America has no need to complain, as their top teams are offered plenty of opportunities to compete. The Monthly Melee, the Carbon Series and the Pit Championship all provided us with plenty of quality Overwatch. Combine that with a good list of roster changes and underdogs, and NA is in a good place.

As always, the below list is a snapshot of how our GosuRankings stood on the last day of the last month.

1. Envy (-)

We're going to stick with Envy at number one, but it is a tenuous hold at best. With the likes of Rogue breathing down their neck after their fantastic performances over the last month, Envy is far from the uncontested kings that they have been in months gone by. However, they still have a star studded lineup and they still have the ever present force of nature in Taimou which is not to be taken lightly. April will probably not have them on this no. 1 spot however, due to a relatively low number of matches played.

2. Rogue (+2)

Rogue decimated any and all opposition put in front of them in the month of March which saw them jump multiple spots in our monthly rankings. Fueled by yet another tournament victory at the Overwatch Monthly Melee, Rogue's nearly unbeatable dive comp sowed destruction in the tournament scene with SoON and Nico having multiple stunning performances on Tracer and Genji respectively. Can anyone stop the Rogue wreckin' machine? 

3. Immortals (-1)

Immortals had a pretty great month with a victory at the Grand Finals of the Overwatch Carbon Series including some sweet revenge on LG Evil after Immortals dropped their series to LG at the Monthly Melee. Agilities and GrimReality have been putting on performances worthy of highlight reels and their team chemistry and communication seems to be the best it has ever been. However, a stunning March by Rogue sees them drop one spot in our rankings.

4. LG Evil (-1)

Yin and Yang, sugar and salt. It's been a bit of both for LG's Green Guys this past month. After a rise in the power rankings that left a vapor trail, they got a serious reality check when they were upset by Immortals in the finals of the Carbon Series. Can the guys in green bounce back from such a heartbreaking loss? Well, in the face of adversity, good teams crumble and great teams overcome. Which one will LG Evil prove themselves to be?

5. Cloud9 (-)

Cloud 9 had a bit of a tumultous March that included significant roster changes, matches in Korea and a somewhat disappointing performance at APEX beating Conbox Spirit and falling to Afreeca Freecs Blue. While they failed to make it out of the group stages at APEX, we feel Cloud 9 has much more to give than what they showed in Korea. Hopefully, we'll see that in the month of April.

6. Selfless (New)

March taught us two things about Selfless: They fear no team and they are really damn good. Selfless spent the month of March teaching us the value of unmitigated aggression in the Overwatch scene. Spending several matches camping their opponents in their own spawn room while simultaneously seeing Emongg, Sinatraa and Dafran put on world class performances. Selfless is without question a team on the rise having beaten LG Evil and giving Rogue all they could handle in their loss to them at the March Monthly Melee. They have quickly become a force in the NA Overwatch circuit.

7. Splyce Gaming (New)

Splyce were surprisingly quiet in the month of March in tournament action, having only participated in minor weekly tournaments with top four finishes in each. However, once this team gels and finalizes their roster, we think Splyce will be making a big impact on the pro circuit, especially after their announced partnership with The Boston Bruins back in February. They still have some heavy hitters from the old Kungarna lineup on their roster and they are poised to do some damage in the near future.

8. Fnatic (-1)

I think its safe to say that Fnatic had a rough March, hence the drop in our rankings. With losses to Faze, Rogue, LG Evil and You Guys Get Paid and playing, at times, like they were in complete disarray, we feel it is only a matter of time before there are major changes to the Fnatic team. It is not all bad news however, as Buds seems to have found his mojo again, especially on Widowmaker at the Overwatch Monthly Melee. 


So did your favorite team make the list? Let us know below in the comments!

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Is Rogue going to end up on top this month?

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Thank you for voting!
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