Monthly GosuRanking Review: North American Edition (August)

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Better late than never, though September has officially begun we're going to take a look at how the rankings looked at the end of August.

August was busy for North American Overwatch competition. The first half of the month was dictated by online qualifiers and the second half had the two biggest tournaments in Overwatch so far. While Europe was wide open, North America was a race for second. Current titans EnVyUs dominated online play as usual. Let’s take a look at where teams landed in our rankings after such a pivotal month.

Note: This article is a snapshot of where teams were in our GosuRankings after the month of August was completed, it may not reflect any recent changes.

1st EnVyUs

It’s difficult to quantify the dominance EnVyUs has exhibited lately. Their recent run of form stretches back to June and might be the most impressive thing we’ve seen in Overwatch so far. There is a notable empty space in their trophy cabinet. They were the heavy favorites to win the Atlantic Showdown but instead were upset by Rogue and finished top 4. EnVyUs quickly bounced back and dominated their group at the OW Open NA regional and have earned another chance to prove themselves on LAN. Regardless of the disappointment at the Atlantic Showdown, EnVyUs was by far the best NA team in the month of August.

2nd Cloud9

While not as dominant as they once were, they are still a formidable opponent. Constantly nipping at the heels of EnVyUs, Cloud9 is still a serious contender to claim the number 1 spot. While they finished last place at the Atlantic Showdown, they dominated their group at the OW Open regionals and won the Alienware Monthly Melee for August. One could make the argument that instead of being a clear 2nd, Cloud9 is more of a 1B.

3rd Fnatic

A new squad made up of experienced veterans, Fnatic has been very impressive in the short time that they have been together. The team managed to qualify for both the OW Open and the Atlantic Showdown. They made a deep run in the Atlantic Showdow, unexpectedly finishing top 4. They went on to annihilate their group at the OW Open regionals. This team has a lot of potential, don’t be surprised if they climb in rank next month, or even get some hardware for their trophy case.

4th FaZe

Another up-and-coming team with a ton of potential. Formed from the ashes of WEUNITED and taking two players from ohno, the North American/European mixed team made an immediate impact, winning two of ESL’s king of the hill tournaments and dominating their group at the OW Open European regionals. They also made a deep run in the Alienware Monthly Melee, losing to Cloud9 in a tight series to finish second. This team has had a meteoric rise and shows no signs of slowing down, the future for them is very bright.

5th NRG

Formerly mixup, and before that Luminosity, this team has been known for interesting strategies and strong mechanics, particularly from Seagull. While they narrowly missed qualifying for the Atlantic Showdown, losing to Liquid, they bounced back by winning their group at the OW Open regional tournament. This is a team that can be counted on for a solid performance and features some upset potential.

6th Liquid

Liquid has had a largely disappointing and somewhat disorganized August. While they managed a top 3 finish at the BTS Overwatch Cup, they failed to qualify for the Atlantic Showdown and struggled a little to get out of their group in the OW Open regional. They had some roster shake ups at the end of July that seem to have thrown them for a loop. Though they may now be stabilizing after picking up Quake legend Rapha to round out their team. Despite their placings, however, the skill is there. This is a team that can definitely bounce back next month.

7th Complexity

Though they had the TSM transfer drama early in the month, it didn’t seem to faze them. They started off strong, winning two of ESL’s king of the hill tournaments, qualifying for the OW Open regionals and performing well in the Atlantic Showdown’s group of death. They even managed to take a series off of Cloud9. After that, however, things seem to have gone downhill. They are the only team in the top 8 of North America to not make it out of their OW Open regional group. This team will be looking to avoid a full blown slump in September.

8th Sodipop

Sodipop was made famous by a run to the final of GosuGamers weekly #13 and the team has ran with it, finally breaking into the top 8. They seem to have had an inverted August to Complexity’s. They started off slow, failing to qualify for the Atlantic Showdown. However, they qualified for the OW Open and made it out of their group. We will need to see more from this team to know if they truly belong in the top 8.

So there you have it, a snapshot of our GosuRanks for the month of August. North America is as interesting a region as they come despite being home to a dominant juggernaut such as EnVyUs. There are a lot of up-and-comers with potential that keep us guessing. Hopefully September turns out to be just as exciting as August.

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