Monthly GosuRanking Review: North American Edition (February)

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February has ended, so we take another snapshot of our GosuRankings and discuss the shifts in power.

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Continuing our series of GosuRankings snapshots, taken at the start of every month, is this edition for North America. February featured several sources of quality competition, such as OGN APEX S2, the February Overwatch Monthly Melee and Carbon Series. 

1. Envy (-)

EnVyUs continues their streak as no. 1 in NA, claiming that title in every Monthly GosuRanking Review we've done. But that does not mean everything is going right for EnVyUs currently. While they were the only Western team qualifying for the next APEX Season 2 phase, the team is currently sitting on a 2-game loss streak, not winning even a map against Meta Athena or Lunatic Hai. As such, they are currently one match away from getting eliminated in the tournament they won the last edition of.

2. Immortals (-)

After their impressive run to the top of North America, momentum has somewhat halted. With nV stuck in Korea, they are currently solely playing against teams below them. After mixed results in the highly competitive Overwatch Monthly Melee of last month, March will feature the Carbon Series as main point of information on how scary this roster continues to be.

3. Hammers Esports (New)

Never before has a team risen so quickly and so high in the GosuRankings as Hammers Esports. They recorded a 79% winrate in February, with 19 total matches played. This is a very impressive number considering they have been getting matched up with top teams left and right. Not good enough to stop the Hammers though, as their recent results speak for themselves: 3-1 vs Immortals, 3-1 vs Luminosity, and the only team to take a map off of Rogue in the Monthly Melee.

4. Rogue (New)

Yep, Rogue is NA now. And so another dose of talent gets extracted from EU. The roster quickly made their presence known when, after getting invited to the February Monthly Melee by Alienware, they steamrolled all their opponents. Even after skipping any and all competitive matches during January, this 6-game winstreak proves they are more relevant than ever.

5. Cloud9 (-2)

It might seem like Cloud9 is losing grip, but we believe their experience at the OGN APEX league will soon pay off. C9 did not manage to make it past the first group phase, but just the chance of playing in and scrimming with Korean teams should be seen as the more important part of that trip. It's currently unknown when we will see the roster play next, and on what patch that will be.

6. Complexity (-)

It is yet to be seen whether the roster change-up is for the better or for the worse, but compLexity has enough reason to be confident. Disregarding their matches against Immortals and Hammers over the past month, the team has actually been doing really well. We are mostly wondering if coL will be able to whip out more Sombra in the future, and what the Orisa patch will make happen as well.

7. Fnatic (-3)

Fnatic is quite similar to Cloud9 in the fact that while they did drop a few spots, they did so while (hopefully) learning a lot in Korea. As group partners with teams such as KongDoo Panthera and RunAway, Fnatic had a tough APEX experience. When they return to NA, the question will be how they compare now to the teams that stayed home. Also, wonder how they stack up against Rogue...


8. Faze (-3)

FaZe continues their fall in the rankings, arguably because of losing TwoEasy. FaZe did not impress during the Monthly Melee, and also decided not to participate in the Carbon Series. There's a few teams that could take the 8th spot next month, but it will depend on the availability of events.

So did your favorite team make the list? Disagree with how we ranked our teams? Let us know below in the comments!

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Are the teams that went to Korea still going to be top 4 when back in NA?

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Thank you for voting!
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