Nominees for GosuGamers Awards 2008

General Adam “synergis” O

And the man of the game is... Good question. Who is the man of the 2008? Who contributed the most to the community? Which game cadged the biggest amount of tears from you? There has been a lot of events, struggles, sweat, blood, swearing and practice in this year. We can’t decide, so we kindly ask you for help, assistance and votes.

We shortlisted some players, teams, persons, people in general, who might deserve the award. Now, it is your turn. Take part in the voting, fill the survey and wait till February 2 when the voting stops and the results are shown.

Who is the GosuGamer 2008?



Tough. There are 5 nominees, every single one differs from others. Who are they? Bronze WCG medalist, TSL winner, Spirit winner, a guy who went to Korea, two guys who stormed the foreigner scene… You know, the usual stuff.
Canada IefNaij
Ukraine Strelok
Chile Dinot
United States Nony
Italy Cloud


5 beasts. Which hero do you choose?
South Korea Lyn
Netherlands Grubby
South Korea Moon
China Infi
China Fly100%

Gosu Team 2008 is…



… one of the following. Two stable powerhouses, “powerhouse with soul”, Russian Power and a dark horse. Here are the nominees!

Denmark MYM
Germany ToT
Russia RoX
France MgZ
Europe NrT.


Europe or Asia?
Europe MYM
Europe SK
China WE
Russia GG
Europe fnatic


Who gathered the best team DotA team in the world?
Europe MYM
Malaysia Ks
Sweden SK
Denmark Met

The Game of the 2008



Again, welcome to the land of the cruel choices. Choose something, put in your shopping cart and move along please.
Jangbi vs Hwasin
Bisu vs. FlaSh
Saint vs. Fantasy
Midas vs. type-b
sAviOr vs. Pretty


Susiria vs Check
TH000 vs Sky
FoV vs Moon
LilD.C vs Sky
Lucifer vs. ToD

3. The most controversial and biased voting there is

Yes, vote which Korean should be named the most popular on No more words, names speak for themselves.
South Korea Stork
South Korea Flash
South Korea Jaedong
South Korea July
South Korea FireBatHero

Biggest contribution to the community

Called also Community Effort or The Widest Category, as we have a programmer, event with their casters, two tournaments and a server. Choose your favourite!

Teamliquid Star League
Spirit Tournament
GOMTV commentators Tasteless and lilsusie

Most Improved Warcraft Player

People come and go. Who came and gave their maximum? Who improved the most?
Spain LucifroN
Russia Happy
China TeD
China Infi
China TH000

Dota Awards

As DotA differs “a little” from SC and WC, we made some DotA-only categories. Pick the best ones!

Best carrier

Russia loh
Sweden Loda
Malaysia yamateh
Germany kuroky
Denmark Angel

Best supporter

Russia NS
Malaysia Papaxiong
Denmark Maelk
Denmark Pusher
Ukraine Axypa

Best ganker

Russia vigoss
United States Merlini
Denmark miGGel
Sweden Miracle-
Denmark Mania-

Best drafter/ team captain

Sweden Drayich
Denmark Maelk
Russia Jolie
Malaysia Yamateh
Sweden Loda

Vote now, and discuss in the comments below.

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