BlizzCon Maps Revealed, Cloud replacing Strelok.

General Jimmy “DJTyrant” Blocksom

Blizzard has announced the map pools for both the WarCraft III and StarCraft Invitational Tournaments this weekend at BlizzCon.

The map pools and selection process are as follows:

The map pools for the BlizzCon StarCraft Invitational and Warcraft III global finals have been determined, and are listed below. The Warcraft III map pool includes the four winning maps from the Warcraft III Melee Map Contest. Each player will be able to eliminate two maps prior to each match and then select a map they wish to play on to determine the map order. Check out the BlizzCon Tournaments website for more details.

-Blue Storm
-Wuthering Heights

Warcraft III:
-Centaur Grove
-Echo Isles
-Melting Valley
-Road to Stratholme
-Secret Valley
-Terenas Stand
-Tidewater Glades

Also revealed on the BlizzCon website is that Italy Cloud will be replacing Strelok for the 8th and Final spot in the Invitational. Which thankfully adds another Protoss into the mix and makes the total four Terran players, two Zerg players and two Protoss players.

Cloud is #10 in the GosuGamers Rankings, and just recently placed 2nd in the Spirit tournament losing three games to two against United States NonY. He will be facing South Korea Savior in the first round.

Keep your eyes here at GosuGamers as we cover the tournaments and any new details about the upcoming StarCraft II that are sure to come out of this convention. What do you think of the map picks? Let us know in the comments!

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