F2F: White-Ra vs ImaGe

Posted by Lars "cYaN" Olsen at 23 March 2006 21:11

Face To Face is here again. This time there will be a Protoss versus a Terran. A Ukrainian old-school player versus a rising Dutch star. One you should all know, the other, maybe not.


The two players in question are Ukraine 3D.White-Ra and Netherlands InC)ImaGe. White-Ra should be known from his days in the clan pG, his recent run in the ToT tourney and in PGT as Italy GiveMeLife[Lw]. ImaGe on the other hand is realatively unknown, but up and coming. In case someone has forgotten how Face To Face works, here is how; 5 games are played regardless of if someone is leading 3-0. The GosuGamers admins have picked out 3 maps and each player will pick one. The maps chosen by GosuGamers are: Ride of Valkyries, Rush hour and Neo Forte.

Ukraine 3D.White-Ra 4 - 1 Netherlands InC)ImaGe
3D.White-Ra 1 - 0 InC)ImaGe Neo-Forte
3D.White-Ra 2 - 0 InC)ImaGe RoV
3D.White-Ra 3 - 0 InC)ImaGe Rush Hour
3D.White-Ra 4 - 0 InC)ImaGe Luna
3D.White-Ra 4 - 1 InC)ImaGe R-Point

These games are being played tonight at 21:30 CET. That is right now.

There were some last minute complications and no time for a gosubet. We appologize for that, but either way, good luck to both players.

Live updates
cYaN - 21:54
Game 1 on Forte: Ukraine White-Ra went 2 gate goon, Netherlands ImaGe attacked quickly. Some micro and ImaGe had to type out. 1-0 for Ra

cYaN - 21:59
Swift game on RoV. Ukraine White-Ra proxygated outside and inside Netherlands ImaGe's main, built a pylon in his wall and overwhelmed him with zeals. Game 3 on Rush Hour starting soon.

cYaN - 22:17
10-minute game on Rush Hour. Ukraine White-Ra annihilated him by massing with 3 gates from one base whilst Netherlands ImaGe tried to go FE. Next game started. White-Ra chose Z because he doesn't like PvT on luna.

cYaN - 22:35
4-0. Netherlands ImaGe went 3-rax, Ukraine White-Ra went 3hatch ling/muta and took the map, eventually overran him.

cYaN - 23:15
Netherlands ImaGe won game 5 on R-Point which proved to be quite interesting. The game went back and forth with tank/vult meeting zeal/goons, including reavers, HT, DT, and 4 shuttles. Congratulations to Ukraine White-Ra for winning this F2F with the score


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