LGD.xiao8: 'We learned from our mistakes'

General Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

LGD just won The Asia and China reigns supreme once again. Xiao8, the captain of LGD shares a few words in a joint interview with Sgamer and Gosugamers about the victory and the final games. The interview was conducted by Sgamer.Psyduck

Congratulations Xiao8 for winning The Asia. Thank you for accepting this joint interview between Sgamer and Gosugamers. Please introduce yourself.
-"Hi everybody. I am LGD.Xiao8."

How do you feel now?
-"I feel really good now. Initially we have some pressure because we are the only team coming to this tournament to represent China. So yeah we were a little pressured at first but I feel good now."

Going back to the tournament, your Grand Final opponent was MUFC. Do you think MUFC improved with the addition of hyhy?
-"I think the addition of hyhy did increase the playing capability of MUFC. However, I think as long as we adapt to their playstyle and slowly analyze them while play our own game well, we should be able to take them."

Your team only dropped one game this tournament which is your game against MUFC, how do you feel when you have to face them again in the Grand Final?
-"Nothing much really because when we lost to them, we analysed why we lost to them whether we lost to them in playstyle or personal skills. So we just learned from our mistakes and we were quite calm."

Your team picked Nyx Assassin in both your games as an anti-push. What was the reason behind picking Nyx?
-"Nyx Assassin is the hottest hero in this version. It can control the game, it is explosive, and is easy to pick someone off. So I think it's a must pick in this version."

In the first game, MUFC creatively picked Death Prophet and Necrolyte pushing strat but it wasn't as effective. You guys were controlling the game. What do you think of the game?
-"Theoretically, this strat looks like a very fierce pushing strat but our heroes are just stronger and we just disrupted their strat before they started pushing. So the game flowed well for us."

In the second game, MUFC picked Lifestealer and Enchantress. We discovered that MUFC likes to play 3v3 against you guys in the first game but the results are not that great most of the time. However, in the second game, they were leading early game and the battle was a lot more intense, so how did you handle being on the backfoot?
-"It is because Yao [playing Nyx Assassin] accidentally added the wrong skill early game and went offlane causing us to lose the lane but our heroes are more specialized for them. Our heroes are very anti-Lifestealer so we can slowly come back in mid-game. Besides that, Lifestealer isn't exactly a good auto-attacking hero."

Recently in South East Asia, they have a tournament, SMM and many teams were training DotA and did not train Dota 2 much. So how long did LGD prepare for The Asia?
-"Yes, we have been training the whole time for this tournament."

Many people think that the gap between the SEA teams and the Chinese teams is getting smaller and smaller. What do you think about this?
-"I think personal skill wise, the gap is really not that huge but the difference between teams is quite huge because the teams in SEA and overseas is not as professional as China is, train together and analyse together. So I think Chinese team is still better."

It's gonna be Christmas soon and now that you won the championship as the best Christmas gift. So are you celebrating before you return to China or maybe shopping for your family or girlfriend?
-"We will go shopping a little and we will ask MUFC out for dinner and have fun together."

The interview was cut short because the organizers were urging us to hurry for the closing ceremony. The remaining question was about G-League.

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